Season 1, Episode 6, “Mike’s Madonna Story”

Episode 6 starts out in the living room. Jason and Maggie are debating what the name should be of one of the plants Carol is using for project for school. Jason thinks the plant is a he and wants to name it Sam. Carol thinks the plant is a she and wants to name it Wendy.

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The debate is ended by Jason saying how he went to medical school and looks at the bottom of the pot the plant is in agreeing with Carol that the plant is a Wendy.

How exciting…

Maggie like any sensible person would ask (even though she’s not) what are they doing. Carol
explains how she has two plants. One of which she talks to and the other she ignores. By this she’s seeing which one grows faster.

The doorbell rings and Ben goes to answer it. He comes back, not having let her in, proclaiming it’s a girl here for Mike. Maggie asks Ben why he just left her standing out there. Ben says he did it because he just doesn’t like girls. You’re saying that now…

I guess this is a typical way for Ben to act at this but still he shouldn’t be so rude. The show wants the audience to find it funny as well.

Maggie goes to open the door answering with the stupidest smile on her face.

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The girl wearing a lock cut top and black
fingerless gloves asks if Mike’s home. By judging the way she dress Maggie doesn’t want Mike to be home if you know what I mean. Maggie invites her in before introducing her to the family.

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The girl introduces herself as Lucy. Ben runs because like I said earlier he doesn’t like girls. But Lucy doesn’t consider herself a girl, she considers herself a “woman”. How cliche can this character get? Maggie calls Mike down. After a couple seconds she tells Lucy Mike isn’t home. But Mike comes walking down in his red baseball cap and Mickey Mouse and immediately runs back up to change upon seeing who it is.

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What’s so babyish about Mickey Mouse?

Mike comes back down (changed) in sunglasses and a brown leather sleeveless vest trying best to capture Lucy’s “image.”

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Lucy brings up she was “just in the neighborhood” breaking up with her 27 year old
boyfriend because he was too immature.

Can’t get more cliche than this.

To keep up Mike explains how he just broke up with his 43 year old girlfriend as to Carol replies, “yeah in dog years maybe.” Nice one
Carol. To get Lucy and him some alone time Mike suggest the rest of the family they should visit uncle Gary. Only one problem as Jason brings up, he’s in connecticut and he’s dead. Probably the only time something Jason has said that ever made me laugh. The family leaves the room anyway and Jason says it was nice to meet you to Lucy. Here’s my problem with how they’ve developed this Lucy character. She’s not mean/disrespectful to the parents and for this type of character she should be.

The family enter the kitchen and Carol first
comments on how low Lucy’s top is. Jason says how he didn’t notice. Maggie tells Carol and Ben to go outside because she needs to talk with Jason about Mike’s “friend.” As soon as they leave Jason comments on the top he apparently didn’t notice. Maggie thinks the girl is a tramp because of how she dresses and that she was dating a 27 year old.

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Jason defends Lucy. Maggie also brings up the role reversal because she thinks a girl asking for Mike should be awkward and uncomfortable not make her feel that way. Mike and Lucy come in stopping their conversation and again Mike wants Jason and Maggie to leave so he and Lucy can have some juice, alone. Maggie asks why they can’t have their juice with her and Jason in the room. Mike goes fine… fine then brings up that they have 9 rooms in the house and what’s the point of them if you’re not gonna use them. Lucy brings up (when asked by Maggie) that her mother was bummed because the mother
wanted to go out with the 27 year old Lucy was dating despite being married. This family seems like a real winner. Lucy asks Mike if he wants to do anything which Mike says yes to. Maggie brings up that he has to babysit Ben and Carol. Then Lucy comes up with the idea of her just coming over to the house. Maggie tries to get Lucy to think it would be boring but Lucy says she loves babysitting.

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In the next scene in the living room, Ben tries to sabotage Carol’s project
by talking to
the plant that is suppose to be talked to but saying mean things
about it apparently said by Carol.

Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 9.45.44 PM

A leave falls down and he seems shocked despite that seeming to be his whole objective in the first place.

Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 9.45.09 PM

Ok… He runs out of the room as soon as Maggie comes down from upstairs and asks what he’s doing. Ben and Mike come out of Jason’s office with Jason (when asked) explaining how he talked about everything him and Maggie agreed about to surrounding Lucy and her coming over to help babysit. He goes into that a relationship should start slowly. Jason insists that she has nothing to worry about (even though she totally will). Maggie says that they should stay home because of how “tired” she is and that they should stay home and watch the love boat. That’s not an option because Bob and Ellen are picking them up soon. Jason calms her down and gets her out to the porch. The doorbell rings and Mike opens the door to Lisa dressed in a Madonna esque dress.

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Carol as expected looks even more worried. Jason and
Maggie are leaving through the front porch and we’re subjected to hear more of Maggie weariness. Jason likes before calms her down and gets her to leave the house.

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Jason and Maggie are seeing a movie with the Coosemans and surprise it’s a sex driven movie. This makes Maggie even more worried about what’s going on with Lucy and Mike. There’s an old woman behind them who seems to enjoy it and tells Maggie they know all that sex is put into it to boost ticket sales
instead of
making a good movie as Maggie proclaims. The old woman gets
irritated with Maggie (rightfully so) that’s she’s expressing her thoughts about the movie verbally and standing up as she replies with “can it.”

Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 9.48.31 PM
Meanwhile at the Seaver household, Mike is giving Lucy a tour of the house where they end at the guest bedroom (of course).
Lucy in her attempt to seduce Mike suggests they
should stay in the guestroom. Lucy thinks it’s the first time Mike is going to have done “it” because of how nervous and reluctant he is.

Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 9.49.20 PM

Mike says he isn’t a virgin. Lucy then brings up how crazy she thinks it is that they’re people their own age who haven’t done “it”, crazy, right? Lucy pulls Mike over to the ped and we pan over to a picture of Maggie holding Mike as a baby. We don’t know what happens immediately and for the first time in this, I’m actually interested.

We cut it to Maggie and Ben arguing about the plant Ben
talked to earlier. Maggie thinks he killed her which Ben proclaims he didn’t. Steven comes in and plans to get to the bottom of it. Ben says he didn’t exactly kill the plant. After the leaf fell off, he poured the whole bottle of Mighty plant on the plant. He’s suppose to pour one cup mixed with Water, Oh Ben…

Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 9.49.53 PM

Maggie comes downstairs asking where Mike is. Mr. Testosterone as Carol puts it is in the kitchen. Maggie wondering what happened with him and Lucy. Mike
explains how
she wanted to sleep with him but he didn’t do. Maggie, of
course, is proud of him. Mike brings up how he’s probably gay because he didn’t do it. Mike thinks he whipped out and he’s a pussy. Maggie explains how it was the right thing because it would be better to wait for someone he cares about and that cares about him the same way.

Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 9.53.18 PM

The next scene we see Jason opening the door to the guestroom. At first this seems like the twist ending of some horror movie and you expect to see Lucy tied up to the bed. But this show
isn’t that
exciting. It’s Mike on the exercise bike reassuring his father
that he’s okay when asked by Jason.

And that’s the point.

Join me next week as I review Season 1, Episode 7, “Weekend Fantasy.”


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