Growing Pains Season 1, Episode 14, “First Blood.”

Sorry did the wrong episode again.

This episode is a preachy PSA about how fighting is wrong. If that doesn’t get you hooked I don’t know what will.

“First Blood” starts with Mike on the phone making up an excuse as to why he CAN’T go on a date.

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Well the reason is the girl is asking him to a wedding and there’s going to be dancing. Mike doesn’t like dancing for some reason. We’re never really give a reason. I guess the writers just forgot. Maybe the writers forgot how to “write” too.

Maggie and Jason convince Mike he’ll like it because of the touching. Mike changes his mind and calls her back. Once he gets off the phone, he remembers that he doesn’t even know how to dance. Maggie says she’ll teach him.

Ben comes home from Hockey Practice complaining about how one of his teammates, Bobby Rockman, tripped him on the ice. He would’ve told the coach but this is something the coach encourages. Jason’s says he’ll have a talk with him to go. I wonder where this going.

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Next Scene: Jason goes to talk to the coach, who is even worse than Jason expected. He finds the kids. The coach is also Bobby’s father. Because of how different they are in their approach, Bobby and Jason get into a fistfight. This sends a wrong message to Ben.

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Back home, Maggie is teaching Mike how to dance and Mike keeps stepping on her toes. She has to stop for the night because she has to replace the bandages on her “battle scars” and finish an article for her job. Mike tries to get Carol to teach him and she does, after a little convincing. They have different styles of dancing. Mike, because he’s the male, thinks he should take lead. While Carol likes a little control too. To end, Carol accidently spins into Jason’s office after Mike lets go when Maggie comes home.

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Then Ben and a black eyed Jason arrive home.

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Maggie becomes very concerned. Jason says to Ben that’s it’s not the best way to solve your problem but acts like what he did is really cool when Maggie leaves the room.

Maggie and Jason return from the grocery store and soon after, walks in a black eyed Ben. He says Bobby (same one from Hockey) pulled the chair out from under him during lunch. The teacher broke it up before Ben could hit back. Jason realizing this is his fault goes to have another talk with the coach.

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Their second meeting goes down almost the same, except Jason decides to be the bigger man and not hit back. Ben is disappointed and thinks he’s a pussy.

Mike is putting the finishing touches on his dancing and goes upstairs to shower because his date arrives in 10 minutes.

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When she arrives, Mike comes down looking spiffy. She tells him the wedding’s off because the bride caught her husband in confession with a bridesmaid.

How ironic.

Mike feels personally betrayed because of how much he prepared so he grabs her and they start dancing. He executes a dance move and his date wants to call home.

Sort of like ET. Get it, ET.

Anyway Ben and Jason arrive home with Ben still seeing his father as pansy. Ben goes into the kitchen to get a “drink” that he says he needs. It’s really milk though. Jason follows him into the kitchen and explains how it’s not always right to get even. He gives an example of if they murdered the coach, then his wife would come after them and so on and so on. It would go on till everyone’s dead. So it’s better to be the bigger man and walking away doesn’t make you a pussy. Ben finally sees that.

End Scene: Jason is the new coach of the team and we see how much better a coach he is.

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And that’s the point…

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