Season 1, Episode 13, “The Love Song of M. Aaron Seaver”

“The Love Song of M. Aaron Seaver” starts with Maggy in the kitchen preparing breakfast. Carol and Ben comes in arguing and Jason soon after to get his breakfast and shut them up.

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He’s trying to get a paper done and looks like he hasn’t gotten any sleep. Perfect time for Mike to come in riding his skateboard. He knocks Jason’s breakfast out of his hand. This pushes Jason over the edge. Before he can do anything, Maggie stops him and gives him a little bit of a replacement breakfast. Maggie tells Mike that if he rides his skateboard in the house again, his phone, allowance, and sterio  will be taken away. I wonder if the skateboard will be brought back.

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Richie, featured a few episodes back, shows up because him and Carol are doing a project where they act as married couple and see how they handling their finances. Richie, having a crush on Carol, acts as if they are really together but Carol doesn’t want that.

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Jason is working on his paper in his office and Maggie comes in. To get to the point, she wants to have another baby. The conversation ends with Maggie asking Jason one reason why they shouldn’t have another baby. He exits his office and brings in Mike who was doing god knows what.

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Carol and Richie are working on their project when Mike comes in making one of his usual comments about Carol. Richie tries to defend his “wife’s” honor but ends up scaring her away when he says, “simulated or not, I love her.” That makes her scream. Mike sees what he did as an accomplishment and begins skateboarding in the kitchen. Ben, who’s also there, reminds him that he’s not suppose to do that. As soon as Ben brings it up, Mike loses control of the skateboard and it goes flying through the kitchen window. Surprise, Surprise. Mike gets Ben to take the fall for him by repaying what’ll come out of Ben’s allowance to fix the window, plus $30, and being his servant. Mike didn’t think Ben would hold him to the servant part. Maggie and Jason comes in and Ben takes the blame.

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Carol and Richie are in the living room working on their project. Richie is taking this more and more seriously. Carol can’t get more annoyed and wants a “separation.”

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In the kitchen, Mike, being Ben’s servant, is making him a sandwich consisting of Raisins, Cream Cheese, Peanut Butter, and Marshmallows.


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Ben is being as difficult as possible and demanding a new sandwich.

Jason still working on his paper in his office. Maggie comes in and says she might be pregnant. Jason is thrilled and tells her she could still work because he could act as the “mommy” since he works from home now.

Richie comes into the kitchen where Carol is working and tries to win her back. He does by saying he would have paid $600 dollars to get her to be her partner. What he means because he originally paid $60 to the other boys to not get Carol as a partner for this project. She finds it disturbing but also sweet. They reconcile.


Ben and Mike are in the kitchen. Mike is trying to fill Ben’s every demands which includes getting him cookies, ironing his Rambo doll clothes, changing the channel, and answering the phone.

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Ben even hangs up and is rude to Jennifer on the phone. She’s a girl Mike likes. That’s the last straw and Mike picks up Ben and is going to pummel him. Ben brings up how he’s taking the fall to Mike and Mike brings up how Ben’s blackmailing him. Jason hears the whole thing and snaps a photo of the two because he thinks they looked “cute.” Then he grounds them.

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Jason comes into the kitchen where Maggie is. He typed up a list of baby names. He hasn’t been able to work on his paper with the news of the possible Baby. Maggie asks him what he would name the baby if she was a girl. Jason hadn’t thought of it. Maggie says Rebecca. The doctor calls and tells Maggie (with Jason listening in on a phone) that she’s not pregnant. Maggie is sad and Jason reassures her that even though they’re not having one they can continue to try and have one. He way of trying to get some. The two hug with Ben and Mike arguing in the background because of what happened earlier and freeze frame!

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Final scene: Jason and Maggie are in the living room. They’re taking the role of Ben when Mike was his servant. They ring the bell Ben had earlier for their servants, Ben and Mike, to come in and serve them.

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And that’s the point.

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