Season 1, Episode 16,”The Seavers vs. the Cleavers”

It’s just another regular morning in the Seaver kitchen. Maggie is pushing the kids because the bus will be there soon. Carol brings in a letter from the parents association saying Maggie and Jason are one pair of the parents that still haven’t chaperoned yet. Mike doesn’t want them to because he thinks it’ll ruin his “cool” while Carol is fine with it because she doesn’t go to the dances. Ben is there reading Robin Hood because that’s what the school play he hopes to get a part in is based on which besides some passing mentions, doesn’t really matter. Ben’s pretty useless this episode.

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Roll theme song!

Maggie reminds Ben about the bus and pretty much everything that I told you about Ben ensues. Maggie asks Jason if he was embarrassed if his parents chaperoned like with Mike and he says he sees where Mike is coming from. Speaking of Mike, here he comes in trying to get out of the house without them knowing the shirt he’s wearing. He’s wearing a pretty awesome shirt. A yellow shirt with a Chicken mask on the front. Surprisingly Jason and Maggie don’t think it’s appropriate for school and Jason makes him change it.

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It’s after school and Carol is walking up to the front door with the new kid in school from LA. Whose name is Scotty. They both play around the idea of them wanting to go to the dance with each other.

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In comes Mike. Then we get a weird cut to Mike who’s now in the kitchen. Jason calls his name wearing Mike’s chicken head shirt from earlier and in comes Ben who got a part in the school play as a Rock..

Do these parts really exist? Are they just there for kids to feel included?

Carol walks in and Jason goes on talking more about the shirt saying he’ll wear it chaperone the dance. This shocks Carol and Mike. Carol because now she wants to go and Mike.. well because he’s Mike. Jason says he’s kidding but quickly changes his mind because now he knows Carol is going and being her father has to protect her.

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Jason goes into the guest bedroom where Maggie is trying on dresses. She brings up how she’s happy he’s going to be chaperoning the dance now.


How does she know? This literally just happened. Did Ben run up and tell her or something. How!

The next day at school Carol and Scotty are decorating for the dance.

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She overhears that her parents are chaperoning. This doesn’t sit well with I guess is the principal played by Annette Funicello.

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She thinks their unacceptable parents because of how Mike acts and well the whole set up of the show. Carol overhears all of this so when the Seavers get a call they were double booked with another couple and don’t need to do it. Carol knows they’re being lied to.

Maggie and Jason go to the principal’s house who has no trouble admitting she lied to them. She just wants them not to go. She’s also very uptight with her son and puts wrapping all over her house so it’s really clean.

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Maggie and Jason return home to Ben who’s eating PB&J without a plate and has comic-book pages all over the couch.

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He thinks they’d be mad but they start encouraging it seeing as how Annette was with her kid and them not wanting to be there. They decide they’re not going to let what the principal said stop them and they go to the dance bringing Carol with them. Mike’s already there. They arrive to the dance. Soon after a retro song starts playing for the chaperones to start dancing to.

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The other couple being the principal and her husband. Maggie and Jason are a big hit much to Carol and Mike’s surprise and shock. Mike just plays it on like he was with them the whole time unlike admitting that his parents were unacceptable parents like he was earlier to his friends.

End scene: It’s after the dance and Maggie and Jason are sitting down. Carol walks over with the new kid to ask if he can walk her home. They let them. Mike comes in after and says how they got away with being cool once but they can’t again. They tell Mike to go home and they follow shortly after.

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And that’s the point..

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