S1, E13, “The Love Song of Mr. Aaron Seaver”

The Seavers are preparing for their annual Bowling game against the Kuismans. They really want to win this year because the Kuismans have defeated them for three years straight. They think they’ve got a pretty good shot this year though, because of Mike “Strike” Seaver!

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Wait, what? They’re actually relying on Mike for a change. Speaking of Mike, here he comes in now proclaiming he needs Carol to write him a Neosymbolim poem for a cultural student, Juliet.Jason. But Maggie and Jason doesn’t approve because what Mike does to attract this girl needs to come from his heart. Carol agrees though. Why? Because Ben demonstrated to Carol how Mike would go about attracting Juliet by himself. Let’s just say, it didn’t go well.

The next day at school, Juliet, is reciting a poem. Mike is blown away by it, gives her a standing ovation, and even lights a match. You know? Like people do at concerts. Surprisingly, the teacher doesn’t even acknowledge it. You’d think she would say something.  Well anyway, Mike offers to read a poem when the teacher asks if anyone wants to read something. This poem (by Carol) really impresses Juliet.

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Later at the Seaver house Mike hands everyone some brief family “history” he made up for them and told Julia. Jason is a painter who was taught by Picasso. Maggie is a writer just finishing her 27th novel. Juliet arrives in this elegant dress.

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After discussing with the family about their “history”, Juliet invites Mike into the city to see some performance art. Which if you don’t know is what Shia Labeouf and Jerry O’Connell were doing back in February.

Mike agrees but he is reminded that his family’s Bowling tournament is tomorrow night. He cuts Ben off when he’s just going to blurt it out in front of Juliet.

So Juliet leaves and the other Seavers look mad at Mike for agreeing to going with Juliet and skip the Bowling game. Mike says it’s just a stupid game and walks off.

The next night, Mike and Juliet are at the Art exhibit. They see two of Juliet’s friends, Andre and Fabrizzio.

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They sit together to watch the performance piece. Afterwards, they all discuss their interpretation. Mike, not having a clue what he just saw, says it was a mixture of both their interpretations. Andre and Fabrizzio knows he’s a fraud.

The next scene we see the Seavers getting ready to go on their bowling trip. Most everyone is sad because Mike isn’t there and he’s there only chance of winning. Jason cheers everyone up with matching bowling shirts.

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Back at the exhibit, Juliet asks Mike to recite one of his works. This is where Mike comes clean to her and runs off.

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The Seavers are getting slaughtered by the Kuitsmans at Bowling until Mike arrives to save the day.

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Final scene: So the Seavers come back from their winning game and Jason proclaims this is due to Mike who led them to victory. He hands him a matching shirt with the name plate, Mike “Stud” Seaver. All of Jason’s matching shirts had a word rhyming with Bud in between everyone’s name on their shirt. Why Bud? I don’t know.

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What’s confusing about this episode is it isn’t explain if Mike just got better since last year because if not, why couldn’t they win every year?

And that’s the point.

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