Season 1, Episode 20, “Be A Man”

This week the Seavers are headed to Boston to visit Maggie’s parents. Well all except one, Mike. He’s staying and is going to throw a party ugh I mean have one friend. That’s what Maggie tells him he’s allowed to do, however. I forgot to mention this is sort of a surprise minute. The trip was planned, but at the last minute her parents called and told them NOT TO COME. Jason thinks they should at least. Maggie on the other hand don’t think they need to. Carol doesn’t want to go while Ben is ecstatic to play with all of the things grandpa has from his cop days.

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The Seavers arrive at the grandparent’s and wait to be let in. They are surprise to see a couple, that Maggie doesn’t recognize, enter the house. The Seavers follow and Maggie sees A BUNCH of people in the house. None of who she recognizes. Maggie and Jason get to the bottom of this and turns out the house is up for sale. This really depresses Maggie. Jason pulls her over to the side to talk about why they’d sell the house because if they were having trouble financially they could’ve turned to Jason and Maggie. Maggie then brings up that her father would never ask him for money because he has a problem with his profession. To get everyone out of there, Jason goes over to where the realtor and a couple talking about the house with him. He asks if the dead bodies were only in the living room or scattered all throughout the house. This works.

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Back in Long Island, Mike is home alone listening to music through his headphones, that are the hooked up with the stereo. His two best friends come in trying to get his attention. When they can’t they just turn up the stereo volume, that’s connected to Mike’s headphones. It scares but he also thinks it’s awesome. You know, typical Mike. His friends got there early because Mike hadn’t even ordered the pizza yet, but he’s told not to worry because his friend’s cousin, Gus, works for Pizza Paradise and can get a discount. Now Mike’s original plan is just to have them over, watch TV, and eat Pizza. Boner doesn’t think that’s enough until Mike shows them what they would watching. We’re led to believe it’s something sexual.

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Mike’s other friend tells him they can have the pizza for free and Gus and a couple can stop by after work. Mike’s not so sure but as soon as he mentions Women, Mike’s all in. Mike’s easy to take advantage of.

Cue transition

Mike comes downstairs to a living room filled with people. Boner is still glued to the TV.

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Meanwhile back in Boston, the rest of the seavers are waiting for Maggie’s parents. And what the hell is Ben drinking out of. It’s look like a campbell suit.

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Maggie and Jason tell Ben and Carol to go into Grandpa’s den to watch the TV. Jason and Maggie then talk about how they have to help them with their financial trouble. In enters Maggie’s parents and they ask them why they’re moving. They explain they don’t money and will move into a condo to live the rest of their lives out. Then in walks Carol. Ben would walk out but Carol handcuffed to the chair. After being untied, Ben, at the request of Maggie, goes to help cook dinner. Maggie closes the door and tells her dad that they could help him save the house. Her dad doesn’t want the money and says that the day he accepts their money is the day he’s being buried then leaves the room.

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Back in Long Island, Mike’s trying to keep his cool. But he overhears someone trying to invite some other people. His efforts to prevent that are useless though. He then runs into Windy McMannin. If you don’t remember this was the girl Mike was taking Karate with. Surprise she’d even want to talk to him after how disrespectful he was. He tells her he’ll be right back and goes to talk to his one friend who needs money to fill up Mike’s mom’s car to pick up the pizza. Mike gives him the money and goes to the kitchen because he heard a crash. He finds a German Shepherd eating food on the counter.

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Back in Boston, Maggie is trying to convince her mom to get her dad to take the money. In comes Jason telling her mom the kids are ready for their sing along wit her. Jason and Maggie further talk about the situation and mention how all they need is 6,400 dollars. They stop as soon grandma and the kids start there sing a long and it sounds pretty awful.

Things are only getting more out of control back at Long Island. Mike needs to put a stop to it. He goes up to his parents room and sees the German Shepherd from earlier. He calls the police and pretends to be an indian neighbor named get this, Gandhi.

At the same time Maggie is trying to call home. Grandma, Carol, and Ben are waiting on her because they’re all playing Twister. In walks Jason heading to her dad’s den with a bottle of Irish Whiskey. This is where Jason’s plan comes into play. They play a drinking game. Jason keeps raising how much money they’re betting. It ends up getting to 6,400. See what he did there? Now they get to keep the house and he wasn’t given the money, he won it.

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Back at the Seaver home, Mike is fed up and is about to tell everyone to go home. Then the cops come in and get everyone out. As they’re leaving they prefer to Mike (in an indian voice) as Mr. Gandhi, indicating that Mike wasn’t very convincing.

It’s the day the Seaver’s are coming home and Mike is cleaning to make sure so evidence that he had a party is there. The rest of the Seavers come and he seems to have gotten away with it. Until that adorable German Shepherd comes walking down the stairs to leave. Busted!

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And That’s the Point

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