S1, Ep21, “Career Decision”

This week starts out in the kitchen with Maggie making breakfast. Jason enters from retrieving the morning paper. He mentions how he has to find a way to get the morning paper without giving Ellen Koosman a free diagnosis. And the delivery is so “Alan Thicke.” Maggie eagerly asks if her story she wrote is on page 6, the page it’s suppose to be on. Jason says they’ve made a terrible mistake because the story’s on page 1, not 6. Before leaving to change for work, she tells Jason how much she owes him for this because if it wasn’t for him moving his practice she could’ve never gone back to work in the first place. This comes up later. As soon as Maggie leaves Carol enters in saying how today is the day she was suppose to observe her friend Kathy Dunn’s Stockbroker dad and do a “talk” about them. Problem is her dad got fired after 32 years with the no company. Now she doesn’t have a subject. You think you have problems Carol? Kathy’s dad just got fired. Her family could be in a huge financial crisis right now. So Carol suggests she do the “talk” on him. Well he doesn’t come out and say it, but he thinks she’ll get it. Of course she thinks he’s talking about Maggie. Jason then tells Carol he’s referring to himself. Carol says she can’t because she needs someone with a “real” profession and runs off calling her for Maggie. As soon as she leaves Mike comes in. This family has perfect timing, Mike tells Jason he’s sick and to take his temperature. Jason asks how he wants it to be done, oral or the old fashioned way.

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Jason takes Mike’s temperature and it’s 101. Weird thing is Mike was acting like he was faking it. Maggie and Carol come in about to leave for the office. You can tell already that this whole being on the front page is really getting to Maggie’s head.

Jason comes into the living room where Mike resides playing video games, Atari 7800 to be exact.

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Jason tells him if he’s well enough to play video games he can go to school. But here’s the thing being able to play video and games and going to school are two different things. When you’re sick you could still go to school. You just don’t because you don’t want to get the other kids sick. Unless you’re really sick where you barely move, you’d still be able to play video games.

The door rings and it’s Ellen Koosman asking if she can borrow some Yeast. As he’s giving it to her the doorbell rings again and it’s Dr. Miller, a psychiatrist and friend of Jason’s. Jason and Dr. Miller head into Jason’s office. Dr. Miller. In the middle of their conversation the doorbell rings, yet again. At the door is Jerry from Rapid Roofing telling Jason that the garage roof doesn’t look good and that’ll take a look. Jason gets back to Dr. Miller in his office and Dr. Miller tells him how he’s leaving Long Island General and he wants his successor to be Jason. Jason says he can’t accept the job, because of the whole set up of the show. Dr. Miller tells Jason to promise to him that he’ll at least think about it.

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Jason is in the middle of a response as Jerry from Rapid Roofing interrupts to tell how messed up the garage roofing is.

At Maggie’s office, as Maggie is getting up to get a cup of tea Carol is asking what she’s going to do next. One of what she’s going to do is to talk to I guess her boss, Susan Ross. She tells Carol that she should talk to Susan. One of the reasons why she listed off was because of how nice of a person she is. As soon as Maggie says that we cut to Susan kicking a trash can on her way over to Maggie. Susan’s upset with Maggie because of a typo she made. Now this isn’t any typo, this typo is now getting them sued. In her front page article, Maggie misspelled the name of the person who bribed the county officials. So yeah the person who bribed the county officials according to Maggie’s article is now suing.

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I know she should’ve proofread her things but you’d think a story going in a newspaper, especially a page one, would’ve been proofread by more people. It’s like when that “Magic Mike” ad misspelled Boyfriend. Except there was no legal action over that.

Mike’s at home and turns on the TV to see that “Gilligan’s Island” is playing. A show I’d rather be watching. He keeps turning it on and off discovering that it plays without him watching. Yes Mike that’s how TV works. He runs in tell Jason who’s making a list of reasons he should or shouldn’t take the job. He asks Mike if he’s finally realizing that the whole world doesn’t revolve around him. I know Mike is like this, but you’d think he would’ve been figured this out. Later on when the school bus is dropping off kids, he mentions the same thing. What has Mike never been sick before?

Jason is in the kitchen doing the laundry and Carol comes in before Maggie to tell him about what happened earlier in the office and to not bring it up. Carol leaves and Jason and Maggie start talking about what happened. Maggie brings up how when Susan was yelling at her the thought that she would be better off just staying home and not working again. She then asks Jason what she should do. He says that if she thinks she made a mistake going back to work she should do something about it.

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It’s the next morning and Jason discovers that Maggie left work early before she makes a mistake, that he advised.

Maggie enters Susan Office’s to show a follow up to her (Maggie’s) own story that she wrote. She wrote it because Susan said that a real reporter should write a follow up to the story. Maggie then goes on to say that if Susan finds anything wrong with the follow up she’ll be out of there for good. Susan stands up and says she was wrong. Jason comes into the office trying to get Maggie to stop from quitting, that’s what he thinks she’s doing. Then seeing he’s made a mistake tries to brush it by making a flat Superman reference.

The two talk outside Susan’s office and Jason admits that he liked the idea of Maggie coming back to work and not making him feel so trapped. Maggie brings up Long Island General revealing that she has known about it. Jason then says she should keep working and he’ll stay home, putting his wants behind hers. The two share a kiss.

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Jason is reviewing info about a patient when Carol and Mike come in to tell him about their day. This is to show the effects of keeping his practice at home. This puts him in the real world, as he puts it. Not the facade of a big city hospital.

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And That’s the Point.

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