Season 1

Season 1

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I decided to choose the show for my review blog to be Growing Pains, because I hadn’t seen the show in a long time and was looking to revisit it. A few episodes in I realized that was a mistake.

I’m not sure if the show got better over the course of the 1st season or I just became desensitized to everything. As I head into season 2 I can only hope this show gets better. Right now, I don’t really care about the Seavers, but I want to. Jason just comes off as an asshole, whether he’s eating an ice cream cone or doing pretty much anything he does. Maggie is so sweet, it’s sickening. Remember the episode, “Jealousy,” where Jason thinks Maggie might be cheating on with her co worker, Fred? Maggie called Jason jealous. Then a couple episodes later was “Superdad!” where Maggie got jealous because Jason helped Carol with a problem instead of her. This could’ve been done well, but the way they do just makes her come across as a hypocrite. Shows have featured unlikeable protagonists and work. “Sopranos” and “Sons of Anarchy” have proven this. But with those shows, we’re not suppose to like them. That’s not the case with Growing Pains. They’re just annoying.

The kids are the best part of the show. I know that’s not saying a lot, but I’d rather watch them than the parents. Kirk Cameron is probably the best. He gets the most interesting writing. Two of the Carol centric episoArticlest make her come off as an irritating brat, “Carol’s Article” and “Carol’s Crush.” Ben just seems there to be the typical youngest child who just makes smart alec remarks. Speaking of Ben, where is his puppy he got in “A Christmas Story?” I’ve been wondering that ever since I watched that episode.

I could go on for longer, but I’d probably just be repeating myself. The main problem is the writing and how erratic it is. Things happen at the end of the episode that really could’ve just happened at the beginning. But hey then we wouldn’t of had an episode and the writers would have to think of something decent to write. We can only hope with Season 2 the writing will improve. That’s the main problem. Or it’ll just get worse. We’ll see.

And that’s the point.

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