S2, E1 “Jason and The Cruisers”

Welcome to Season 2! Is the show any better? Let’s find out.

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Alright so episode 1 starts with Mike sitting on the couch watching television. Carol comes carrying some VHS tapes and sporting a new haircut that I kinda like, but it’s also kinda an odd look for her. She tells Mike we need the TV because as a family, they’re gonna watch some old home movies Maggie converted to VHS.

Carol and Mike are joined by Maggie and Jason. Mike, out of embarrassment, doesn’t want to watch the tapes and says he has to go study.


Then in walks Ben with this freaking huge tub of Popcorn and the family indulges in watching the tape. They watch a tape of Mike then of Carol who seems to be taking her first steps. I don’t know. That’s just the impression I got from it. While the video’s going on, Mike’s ridiculing her by playing the Piano and singing “She’s a Maniac,” which is quite ear piercing to be honest. Carol soon takes the tape outputs another one in and says, “I won’t watch with HIM here.” Carol looks back at the TV and sees Jason singing with his old band and dew. Ben doesn’t even realize it’s his dad. He thinks it’s his brother. Maggie, Ben, Mike, and Carol immediately label Jason’s past self as geeky and laughs him out of the room, literally. Jason gets up to “refill” the popcorn as Maggie apologizes. Then Mike and Carol leave. Ben, thinking it’s time to finally watch videos of him, puts on a tape of him hanging out with a bunch of animals at what I guess is a petting zoo. At which he replies, “aw.” To be fair it is pretty cute.

Later in the bathroom, we’re forced to witness Jason’s bare chest as he looks in the mirror to see if he has any gray hair. You know? Because Jason’s feeling old. The same plot line that has been done to death in countless movies and TV shows. Maggie comes in and comments on how quiet Jason has been that night. Maggie brings up how she thinks seeing that old video of him has made him feel old and he was looking in the mirror for grey hair. Jason denies it, of course.

The next morning, Maggie is in the kitchen and sees Ben hastily leaving saying he’s going over to “Stinky” to show him the video of Jason in exchange for seeing a video of “Stinky’s” mom before she got fat. Okay. Maggie takes the tape, tells him he won’t be showing “Stinky” the video, and sends him upstairs to clean his room. Mike, like Ben, is hastily leaving to go play some basketball, when Maggie stops him. Mike thinks she’s stopping him because she thinks he hasn’t cleaned his room but he has. No, why she’s actually stopping him is to inform him that Jason has been feeling old ever since they watched that video. She asks Mike to play Basketball with him and let him win.

So now Mike and Jason are playing Basketball and Mike’s letting him win. Jason catches on. That’s probably because Mike’s putting no effort into covering up that he’s letting Jason win. Jason tells him to stop letting him win. So after they play like that for a whole, Mike’s kicking Jason’s ass and Jason looks like he’s about to keel over and die. To get him to stop, Mike says he too tired to play anymore. But as soon as Jason says ok. Mike runs as fast as he can to go play Basketball at the.

Smooth Mike.

It’s later that day and Mike and Maggie are bringing in this blown up photo of Jason from his band days. Turns out the family is throwing Jason a surprise party where he’ll reunite and jam with his old band. Problem is the bartender they hired showed up early and Jason and Ben haven’t left for the Zoo yet. So they’re now leaving through the backdoor. Except one problem, Mike is back there with the poster. So he does what a freaking idiot would do and pours ketchup and mustard to, I guess, make it look like he’s making a sandwich?

Later, Maggie,Mike, and Carol are in the midst of setting the party up when a member of the band shows. He tells Maggie that their keyboard player can’t make it, because he had a heart attack. You know? No big deal. That’s how acts about it. Maggie then says that Mike could be their keyboard player. So we cut to the party with Jason and Ben not yet back and Mike looking like he wants freaking kill himself. Mike comes off the stage and tells mom that this party will only make Jason feel older. Maggie agrees and needs to think of a way to get rid of all these people. Mike suggests either setting the kitchen or Jason’s office on fire. Surprisingly, Maggie doesn’t go for it. So instead she tells everyone that Jason won’t be able to make it because. What do you know it that’s when Jason shows up. Him and Maggie go out to the porch and talk about the whole old thing. She convinces him that he feeling sad for nothing and he still looks great. Then Jason’s friend comes out and tells him they need him on stage with him. So Jason and his friends;family rock the night away.

So it’s later that night and Maggie asks Jason when he’s going to stop playing his guitar. She turns off the lights to which Jason replies that he can’t play in the dark. But Maggie makes a sex joke and says that she can.

And That’s The Point.

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