Season 2, Episode 1, “Fast Times At Dewey High”

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Season two starts and Maggie in the kitchen making breakfast. Ben comes pretending to be sick. He’s actually not and Jason sees through his trickery so he tells him he’s going to school my comes in saying how excited he is for school, which surprises Jason and Maggie. But he’s not excited for school, he’s excited for tonight because he’s already got a date for the dance.

Carol comes in excited for school for the reasons she would be and why Ben and Maggie thought Mike was excited.

At school Mike is acting as cool as usual. Notice how I said acting he runs into his friends Eddie and Boner who he hasn’t seen in a long time. I go for long periods of time without seeing my friends, but I’d think Mike’s more sociable than I am. They get talking about the dance and Mike is saying how he’s in a deep and meaningful relationship with Elaine. Yeah apparently it’s not as deep and meaningful as he says because he sees this blonde girl he has to go to the dance with, despite already having a date to the dance.

The focus shifts to Carol who receives her schedule. She runs into a couple of friends of her’s whom she doesn’t want to be associated with because she wants to start fresh. It’s not like it matters anyway. It’s apparent the writers don’t care about this plot line. We don’t learn their names and there’s no real resolution. A resolution is kinda alluded to, but not really. At least Mike learns something by the end of the episode.

Anyway meanwhile at Ben’s school, Maggie drops Ben. Ben’s reluctant to go because he was bullied last year by this same kid he’s scared of this year. But he finds out from his friend, Mark, that his bully still goes to the school because he was held back. You’d think Ben would assume that the bully went onto another school and wouldn’t be worrying in the first place.

We’re back at Mike and Carol’s school and Mike is trying to track down the blond girl from earlier. Mike goes into the History classroom because that’s the last class she was in. History was also Carol’s last class and Mike accidentally knocks her books down when he’s going into the classroom. When the blond girl’s not in there, Mike sees Carol picking up her books and helps her. This is the most decent thing he has done all episode. While he’s helping her, Mike asks Carol who all the blonds are in her class. One of her responses is a girl named “Buck-Two” Becky prompting Mike to laugh.

Mike finds out the blond girl’s next class is French. Being classic Mike he’s goes in there to talk to her and ends up having to stay because he’s still in there when the bell rings. The teacher tells him to take a seat, but the only seat is on the other side of the room. So he passes a dollar along to the person sitting behind the blond girl, and no one just takes the dollar without passing it along. Mike makes his way to the seat behind the blond girl and makes a date with her for the dance. But now he has two dates. What’s he gonna do?

I remember there being a Family Ties episode like this, where Alex makes two dates to the prom. Safe to say I think Family Ties is gonna beat Growing Pains on this one.

Back at the Seaver home, Jason is working out to a women’s work out video when he gets a call from Ben’s school about his Bully problem. So now Jason has to go down to Ben’s school to talk to him.

Lunch is going on now and Mike is talking with Eddie and Boner on which one he’s going to go with. He decides on the blond girl. Not the girl he has spent all summer seeing. He goes with the girl he just saw today and has barely talked too, makes sense. Carol is also in the lunch room and goes over to her old friends and tells them that they should sit with different people. Her friends catch on that she’s essentially dumping them. I guess that’s the end of that plot line.

Jason arrives at Ben’s school. There he tells him to be the bigger man and not to fight, which Ben’ll when he meets the bully in the bathroom at 3:00.

At the other school, it’s getting close to the end of the day and Boner is trying to get a date to the dance. He finally does when he runs into Carol. But they both decide that neither of them has to go. I guess they just decided to do it just to say they each had a date.

It’s now 3:00 and Ben is ready to confront the Bully. During this scene and the scene where Jason was talking to Ben, there are these really awkward close ups of Ben. It makes me feel like I’m watching a crappy PSA on bullying. Just as Ben’s getting really close to the bathroom door the bully comes out. It’s revealed that while Ben grew over the summer the bully stayed the same size. So now Ben’s taller than the bully and now Jason’s advice is completely worthless.

Back at the school, Ben tells Elaine he can’t go to the dance because he “hurt” himself during gym and has to go the doctor tonight. The poor girl understands and walks off. Then comes the blond girl. Mike tells her he’ll pick her up tonight instead of meeting her at the dance. The blond girl then tells that they never had a date. She couldn’t date him because she couldn’t trust him because of last year at the school pick-nick, Mike made fun of her. The blond girl is revealed to be “Buck-Tooth” Beck, from earlier.

Back at the Seaver household, Maggie arrives home and asks Ben how his day was. He tells her “hebrew school is not the answer.” Hebrew School is what Ben proposed earlier to Jason to get him away from the bully. Maggie comes into the living room where Carol is and Carol tells her that he day wasn’t that great until the end, which is when she got the date. Mike tells Carol that he has finally discovered that girls have feelings too.

Lastly we see an exterior shot of the Seaver home as each of their lights go off. Jason tells Mike to go to bed because of school, which unlike today Mike isn’t looking forward to. Maggie tells Carol to go to bed because of school which she is looking forward to. Ben’s light is the last on until Jason starts to tell him a story of dealing with a fear of the dark. Ben immediately turns the light and says he isn’t afraid anymore.

And That’s the Point.

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