Season 1, Episode 3, “Long Day’s Journey Into Night.”

This is a weird freaking episode.

Jason is trying to make a decent Chinese dinner while trying not to set the house on fire. We all know how well Jason can cook.

Ben and Mike seeing the disaster unfolding before their eyes offer to pay if they can just order Pizza. Maggie comes home from work and she feels the same way about her husband’s cooking that everyone else does. Carol walks through the door wearing WAY TOO MUCH makeup and a sweater that belongs to her new friend Annie, which is where she was just coming from. We learn that Carol and Annie plan on going shopping for earrings tonight, as long as it’s okay with Maggie and Jason. They let her go but remind her that they like to meet her friends before she goes out with them. On top of all this we find out that Annie drives. In a further attempt to get out of Jason’s cooking, Mike asks Jason and Maggie if they think Carol and Annie can pick up some burgers on the way.

Jason and Maggie are in the kitchen talking about Annie and how they both think she’s a whore because of the influence she’s having on Carol in the way she dresses and looks. Meanwhile Mike comes hastily down the stairs telling them that he’ll see them tomorrow. They say okay, but then they realize what they and Mike just said. Jason and Maggie stop Mike before he leaves and when questioned about where he’s going, he explains that Boner’s parents are out and they don’t want him home alone so he called Mike and see if he could spend the night with him. This sounds like just a ploy to throw a part, but as we find out later Mike was telling the truth. Jason and Maggie don’t let him go because he didn’t tell them in advance. Even though it seems like Mike just found out about it as well. I know Mike should’ve told them sooner. However he’s not just doing this for him, he’s also doing this for Boner too. In response Mike does this until they’ll let him go to Boner’s. Turns out Mike was lying and he wasn’t going to be repeatedly doing that until they let him go to Boner because he’s talking with Boner on the phone in the very next scene. Mike and Boner agree on a plan which we don’t know about. Jason’s trying to cook in the kitchen while Mike’s talking and afterwards Mike and Jason start talking. Jason tells Mike that girls like a guy with feelings. Mike doesn’t believe him at first, but eventually he does. Yeah Mike. Why would girls want a guy with feelings. Feelings are for pansies. If you didn’t pick it up because you’re reading and not hearing this, I was being sarcastic.

Annie arrives and Carol introduces her to the family, lastly Mike. Annie is smiling as Carol is introducing Mike which leads us to believe there may be something else. Judging by the description of this episode there is. More on that later. Annie gets her and Carol to stay home instead of going out. I wonder why?

Jason and Maggie are talking in the kitchen about how Annie seems like a nice enough girl and they were wrong to judge her without meeting her. The irony;foreshadowing is killing me. During this we’re also being treated to another example of how Jason can’t cook for dick.

Annie and Carol are trying on clothes when Mike walks in trying to put the moves on Annie, and it seems to actually be working. Carol has to go downstairs to set the table for dinner and Annie immediately goes over to the phone to call her friend Cherry.
God, I feel like I’m reading someone’s diary.

Anyway she tells her friends she’s at the Seavers, because Sherry likes Mike too, I guess. Then Annie explains her plan of befriending Carol only to get to Mike Maggie happens walks by the door and hears the whole thing.

Maggie comes down the stairs and tells Mike to go to Boner’s after all, because of the shit that’s about to hit the fan. She opens the door and what do you know, it’s Boner. That was what Mike and Boner were talking about on the phone. Boner would’ve come over there since Mike couldn’t come over to his. Mike tries to kick Boner out because he wants to pursue Annie, but Carol makes him stay for the exact opposite reason.

Meanwhile Carol and Annie are talking in the kitchen about a long distance commercial that made them both cry.

Maggie and Jason are talking outside about Annie’s true intentions. They’re aren’t sure to leave them alone, but Jason’s curtain nothing will happen. He’s especially sure because Boner is there. Right after they leave, Mike throws out Boner. Boner doesn’t want to leave, but as soon as he sees Annie he’s so blown away that Mike can just easily push him out. Carol goes upstairs to try on a peach blouse of Annie’s and Annie puts the moves on Mike. This results in them kissing and Carol catches them seeing Annie’s true intentions. Maggie walks in with the chinese food they just picked up and warms Mike about Annie.

But it’s too late. Mike needs to get out so Maggie lets him go to Boner’s. Jason sees Mike and stops him from going. Jason just to tell Carol that the food is her, but it’s not a good time. He doesn’t know either. He just thinks it’s about the Chinese food.

Ben, Mike, and Annie are watching TV. Also Ben doesn’t really serve a point this entire episode. He’s pretty much just background noise. They see the long distance commercial which prompts Annie to go talk to Carol again. Mike goes outside to see Boner sleeping outside. Poor Boner, as soon as Mike says his name Boner says he’s just sleeping out here and won’t bother anyone. Mike explains the whole kissing Annie situation to him. He feels bad and says it’s wrong to kiss your sister’s best friend. Even though that’s what his initial intent.

Carol and Annie are in Carol’s room and talk it out. Annie apologizes and says that even though Mike was what she was after, she really likes Carol too. So the two make up and all is good.

Mike and Boner are talking about what Mike should do. Mike decides and goes into talk with Carol and Annie. Mike apologizes to Annie and Carol. They accept the apologie and Annie adds in “it was nothing.” This implying that his kissed sucked. This really gets to Mike and he’s even thinking about it hours later.

Later that night, Carol and Ben are watching Casablanca which has been referenced all through the episode. Mike’s finally seeing what Jason meant by girls liking sensitive guys and tells Ben to play it again.

And That’s The Point.

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