Season 2, Episode 4, “Call Me”

Episode 4 starts and Maggie and Jason come downstairs to see Ben’s apology letter explaining all about the bad thing he did.

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They start reading it and the narration is soon handed over to Ben. It sounds weird though like they were recording the voice over, but Ben didn’t talk straight into the mike and instead farther away in the same room. So most of this episode’s going to be a flashback.

It’s bill paying day and Jason is as mad as he apparently always is on bill paying day.

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Carol spent 55 dollars on a haircut from Blood, Sweat, and Tears. Jason proceeds to get mad at all three of them because the phone bill for the month costs 216 dollars. One number, in particular, was called really frequently and costs 67 toll price at $2 a piece. Jason immediately thinks it’s a girl that Mike called because Mike’s a player, but Mike denies such thing. Jason calls the number.

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Unsurprisingly, it’s a sex hotline. Jason sends all three of them into his office. It’d be hilarious if it was Carol. Maggie arrives and Jason hands her the phone to listen to the recording. She’s horrified and can’t believe that one of their kids would do that.

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All three of them in the office now, Carol is determined to find out who did it. She uses the process of elimination and soon points to Mike doing it but again he denies it. The two walk into Jason’s office and Jason still believes it’s Mike. Mike eventually does confess because they say if he doesn’t he won’t be getting his driver license to he moves out. Oh yeah throw that card at him. That’d work on pretty much any teenager. Ben confesses but Maggie and Jason don’t believe him. Mike takes a look at the bill and says he couldn’t of done it because he and Boner cut class to go to Coney Island on a day and time one of the calls was made. But now Mike is in trouble for a thing he actually did do. This does prove Mike is innocent because all the calls were made when Mike would’ve been at school. So Ben was telling the truth. Mike and Carol are free to go and Ben is confronted about who gave him the number. He doesn’t want to rat anyone out, but you know what he does? He says it was his neighbor and best friend, Kris Koosman. It’s later revealed that Kris didn’t do it. Why would Ben do that! So Ben is free to go and Carol and Jason call the Koosmans. Ben is outside in the driveway feeling guilty about saying it was Kris when it wasn’t. He then reveals that the person handing out the phone number to the other kids was him. What a twist! Then Kris walks out to tell Ben that he (Ben) came come with Kris and his father on their boat next weekend.

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Ben says he can’t and their conversation is interrupted by Kris’ father, Buddy yelling at him to get inside the house to “talk.” Next scene Ben is in his room and not wanting to cause anymore harm, decides he’ll run away. He’s walking down the stairs with his stuff, but quickly makes his way back up as he sees Jason and Maggie in the living. The phone rings and it’s some of higher authority at Ben’s school telling Jason that Ben was the one handing out the number, not Kris. Took her long enough to call. We cut to the next scene and Ben, Jason, and Maggie are discussing how what Ben did was wrong. Then there’s a knock at the door and it’s Bud and Kris Koosman because Kris needs to apologize.

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After Kris does, Ben confesses to them that he did it. It’s no big deal to Bud. When Ben apologizes to Kris, Kris is still really angry though. Probably because he was spanked by his father for something he didn’t do. It’s later and Ben is in his room thinking about what he did and why it was wrong, as advised by Jason and Maggie after the Koosmans left. Carol comes into to give him some words of advice for when he has to talk to Jason, such as he heard it from rock lyrics and that he didn’t know any better.

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Only problem is that Jason has been standing outside and heard every word Carol said. Carol leaves while Jason enters to talk to Ben about Sex and why Ben did it in the first place. Ben says he did it because it made him popular and even cool with the bigger kids. He wasn’t just known as Mike’s little brother, he was Ben. Then they talk about Sex and how it’s a private thing two people share when they love each other and their conversation ends with a hug.

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We cut back to Jason and Maggie finishing up the letter. The end scene is Jason and Maggie still in that same position when Mike comes in. He’s going on about Ben going too far and hid because they cause heartache.

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Mike says Ben needs to be punished, but then Jason reminds him about the whole Coney Island thing they haven’t dealt with. Suddenly Mike drops the whole thing.

A recurring problem I notice with this show is how disconnected all the episodes are from each other. Nothing that happens in one episode reall with sticks with another. Remember Ben’s dog? The Christmas special was the first and last time we saw him/her. For example, we saw Comet grow from a puppy to a big dog on Full. Why couldn’t they’ve done that with Ben’s dog. The dog isn’t the only problem when it comes to that, just probably the biggest.

And That’s the Point.

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