Season 2, Episode 5, “Employee of the Month”

Season 2, Episode 5 starts out with Mike devising one of his schemes.

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He needs to Ben to pull it off. Mike wants Ben to call Jason and sit on the couch covered in newspapers to talk about sex. Well that’s not what Mike tells Ben, but that’s what Ben says to Jason when he comes in, even though Jason told him about sex after that whole sex hotline debacle. Ben gets Jason to sit down and in comes Mike to pull off his plan. He points out multiple articles in the newspapers about the benefit of Driver’s Ed and an ad for his dream car.

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Jason tells Mike that to get a car he has to learn responsibility by getting a job and buying the car himself. That’s no problem for Mike because he already has a job lined up at World of Burgers (WOB). He just needs to get the parent consent form signed.

Mike is listening to his parents through their bedroom by putting his ear to a glass that’s put up to the door.

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It was a very common thing in family sitcoms. Before making their decision they go through this whole scenario of if they let him take the job he’ll quit school, meet a 23 year old, quit job and ride off with 23 year old.

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This whole conversation they’re reasoning behind not letting Mike take the job is responsibility and how his grades will be effected. Yeah because they’re are so stellar now with his D average. Jason acknowledges that if they wouldn’t let him take it then he could never prove himself, which I agree with. Jason and Maggie make the right decision and sign the form so Mike can take the job.

The next scene is Mike’s first day at WOB and it’s disastrous.

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He messes up the size of the drink and throws the flies over the counter and onto the floor.

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What ensued is over the top to say the least. No one would do this terrible. Well no one except the other girl who just started, Terry. She’s so nervous and overwhelmed by everything it’s shocking that she even got hired in the first place.

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Within a month Mike vastly improves because he’s employee of the month.

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This isn’t hard to believe if his only competition is Terry. We’re led to believe other people work there, I guess, but we never see anyone else. The rest of the Seavers visit Mike to see him at work. Before they leave they tell Mike to come straight home because they have a surprise for him. I wonder what it’s going to be. Now they’ve left and Mike and Terry’s manager, Scooter tells, Terry how her register is open. Mike takes the blame and says he was n charge for both when Terry was on her break. Then Scooter counts the money and says that $37 are missing from Terry’s register. Mike takes the blame again and Scooter fires him. What quick and convenient time with Mike’s surprise waiting for him at home. Jobless Mike returns home in his uniform. You’d think that he’d have to give it back as soon as he got fired. Mike walks outside to see surprise, a car. This makes Mike feel even worse about losing his job after being told how proud his parents are of him.

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Some time passes and Jason comes from the car parked in driveway commenting on how Mike’s still sitting in the driveway with mouth wide open. What he’s really doing is looking for a new job. Ben comes in and Mike and him get into a conversation about how Mike was happier when his parents thought of him as “garbage.” Rather than them being proud of him as they are now.

The next day Mike begins the search for a new job. He goes all day seeing as he returns home at night still fooling his parents that he has the job at WOB.

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He’s able to do this because he still owns the uniform. Why? I don’t know. Why haven’t they gotten it back. Don’t they need it.

It’s the next day and Terry comes to the Seavers to get the uniform back from Mike. Finally. It’s then and there Jason and Maggie learn he was fired. Terry doesn’t say it was because he took the blame for her for whatever reason.

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It’s nighttime later that day and Jason and Maggie are waiting in the driveway waiting for Mike. Maggie leaves so Jason can speak to Mike alone. Mike arrives hime and quickly comes clean about being fired. He then explains why he was fired.

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Jason’s no longer angry and instead proud. Maggie comes out to lay the heat on him. Jason tells her that the whole being fired thing is nothing to be mad about and instead they should be proud because of why he was fired. In the end Mike had nothing to worry. He could’ve saved us practically this entire episode by telling them at the beginning, but he was worried.

Jason is in the living room with Maggie lecturing Ben and Carol about how it’s ok about how lying is justified sometimes when it’s for the right reasons. Ben asks why he wasn’t rewarded for breaking some of Maggie’s fine china. He obviously doesn’t understand.

And That’s the Point.

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