Season 2, Episode 6, “Dream Lover”

Episode 6 starts out and we quickly learn it’s a Carol centric episode. We Haven’t had one of these in a long time.

Carol and another student performing/reading Romeo and Juliet and class.

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Bobby Wanett’s, captain of the football varsity team, interest is below bedrock because he’s sleeping through all of this.

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The bell rings and Carols sits there with her friends wondering if there’s any sensitive men out there, like Romeo. Carol’s friend brings up how there school only filled with non-sensitive jocks. I’d watch what you say if I were you. They leave and Carol’s about to when the coach and teacher of the class she was just in stops her. He asks if she would be willing to tutor a failing student, after school. She agrees and he brings out the student to reveal that it’s Bobby Wanett.

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Carol’s not into at first, but after learning that Bobby cried to the coach last year begging him to let him (Bobby) stay on the team, she is. Carol quickly develops a crush and they properly meet.

After the title scene, we go to Ben coming home from school saying he’s home early because his teacher, Mrs, Cutter, got food poisoning on a count of the Tuna Surprise in the cafeteria, that’s hilarious. Mike comes home ecstatic from school because he got an A in health on a test where he had to fill out the 4 basic food groups. Jason’s not impressed. Carol comes wanting both Ben and Mike to leave because Bobby’s coming over and she doesn’t want to get embarrassed by them.

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Jason leaves with Ben to pick up Maggie, who’s god knows where. Mike makes guesses who Carol has coming over. Mike immediately thinks it’s some nerd. To shut him up she tells him the truth, it’s Bobby Wanett. Bobby shows up and Mike goes to high five him. Bobby high fives him back, it’s just that he calls him Mark instead of Mike. Mike doesn’t correct because you don’t correct cool people.

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Carol and Bobby are in Carol’s room and Bobby is asking what most high schoolers ask, “why didn’t Romeo make sure Juliet was dead before killing himself.” He really gets into it and starts talking about love and romance. He gets so into it he rips the foot off Carol’s teddy bear, by accident. Then he thinks the tutoring isn’t a good idea and he’s not getting it. Carol reassures him with saying even she had trouble with it, in the 6th grade. She calls herself weird then Bobby reassures her with calling her smart and grabbing her passionately.

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Jason and Maggie comes home and Maggie says they’re having Tuna Surprise, which makes Ben scream because of today’s recent events. Then they learn Carol is in her room with the Football varsity captain. Jason’s going to go up there, but then Carol and Bobby come down there. Before he leaves, Bobby meats Maggie and Jason and acts like a gentlemen towards them.

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Bobby leaves and Maggie soon starts questioning Carol about her feelings towards Bobby. They then bring up how they trusted Carol to act the right way when in her room with a boy. She doesn’t want them to be able to trust her so easily. She wants to have more of a dangerous and bad girl image to her. She also denies having feelings for Bobby.

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The next day at school that same class that Carol shares with Bobby ends and Carol’s same two friends after if she wants to go look at the swimming team practicing. Carol says that’s dumb and her one friend asks if she ever has any fun ever. Then Bobby pops in to tell Carol that he’ll be at her house. They question her about the situation and she says she’s just torturing him. They’re not surprise because of Carol’s good girl image. Then Carol does that there’s more going on and they actually had sex. She thinks her friends will just keep it between them. Silly Carol, this is high school and this stuff spreads like wild fires.

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Ben comes home and starts talking to Jason in his office. A beat up Mike rushes into the door and kicks Ben out of the room.

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Jason’s wondering why not only he’s beaten up but why he got suspended. It was because he was defending Carol’s honor. He ended up getting into a fight with Eddie because of all the disgusting stuff he was saying about Carol. Jason’s going to get to the bottom of this because they think Bobby spread the rumours and confidentially Bobby and Carol are upstairs studying. Maggie comes home to learn the whole thing and her and Jason are headed upstairs.

The whole tutoring thing is paying off and Bobby begins asking Carol on a date to see Romeo and Juliet at a local theater.

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Before she can answer Maggie and Jason come in. Maggie stays in Carol’s room to talk to her. Jason brings Bobby downstairs to talk to him. Soon, Carol reveals that it was her who said she and Bobby had sex, not Bobby.

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Bobby is downstairs talking to Jason being clueless about anything going on. He thinks Jason is preferring to how Bobby didn’t read Moby Dick, even though he said he did.

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Jason is about to call Bobby’s parents and then Maggie stops him. Bobby is in the clear and goes out into the living room with Carol. He finishes asking Carol out

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Then the two kiss. Mike comes home who goes straight to punching Bobby in the face, because he still thinks it’s Bobby’s fault.

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End scene: Ben walks into the living room to find a Shakespeare book left in there by Carol and that’s pretty much it.

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I do wish we would’ve gotten to see the aftermath of Bobby being punched out by Mike. I don’t think Bobby will come back but I hope so because i actually liked his chemistry with Carol. It was interesting. Definitely better than anything like that with Mike.

And That’s the Point

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