Season 2, Episode 7, “Do You Believe in Magic”

This episode made me feeling like I was watching American Hustle, again.

Season 2, episode 7 starts out with Mike listening and dancing to music, when he’s suppose to be practicing for his speech, as Jason points out. He does that after just turning off the stereo.

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I would’ve just turned it up too loud, like they’ve done before.

The phone rings and it’s Boner. He called to ask if Mike wanted to go to take a study break and go to the arcade, even though he’s been doing nothing but taking a study break this whole time. Mike accepts Boner’s invitation. Only problem is that he has no money and neither Boner, Carol, or Ben will lend him anything because of past experience.

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He tells Boner to hold and he’ll be “right” back. To get money out of Ben, Mike tells him he’ll teach him a card trick that Ben can use to get lots of money out of his friends. Mike has Ben pick a card out of the deck and he’ll guess what it is.

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He guesses wrong multiple times. Seeing how terrible he is at this, both Carol and Ben put actual money on the table because the more times Mike guesses wrong, the more money they get. Now that Money’s on the table, Mike quickly guesses right on what Ben’s car and runs for the arcade, with Carol and Ben realizing they’ve just been hustled.

Ben comes out of the kitchen and he had just made himself a sandwich. He thinks his sandwich is alive because he hears Boner who, poor guy, is still on the phone. Mike returns, flabbergasted, from the arcade, because Boner didn’t show up. Ben tells Mike to his sandwich and it’s then and there Mike finds out Boner is still on the phone. Their conversation is cut short because out comes Jason from his office. He quickly finds out that Mike hustled Carol and Ben out of their money and went to the arcade. He wasn’t too happy.

Mike is in the kitchen practicing his speech when Maggie comes in, who’s tooth is killing her and she needs to find an insurance form. Ben comes in, from outside, saying how his friend sold him this magic rock, for five bucks.

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Surprisingly, Maggie and Mike have a hard time believing it’s actually magic. Maggie continues to look for the form she needs. To help her tooth and find the form, Ben rubs the rock over her hands and face. She walks over to a drawer ,under the sink, and accidentally pulls the whole drawer out. Her form is on the other side of the drawer and her tooth doesn’t hurt anymore.

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A little bit later, at dinner. They’re debating the magic in Ben’s rock. Jason thinks it’s complete bogus. Ben, of course, thinks it’s actually magic. Maggie is starting to shift towards Ben’s side, because of how she found her form and her tooth stopped hurting. Mike asks to go to Boner’s to get something he needs for his speech. He can go as long as his room’s clean. Mike goes up to clean it, except Mike’s definition of cleaning is throwing away a smelly Pizza box. It actually looks like he threw it in the hamper because he has a shirt in there too.

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I wouldn’t be surprised. Mike leaves the his room and Jason immediately yells, from downstrairs, to actually clean it. Ben comes in and offers to clean Mike’s room for a dollar. Mike sees what a great deal it is and gives him the dollar. Ben rubs the rock over the door. Mike, again, doesn’t believe it actually did anything so he goes into his room and it’s all clean.

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They both leave and then it’s revealed that Carol and Maggie really cleaned it and were hiding out in the closet. Man, they work really fast.

Downstairs, Mike wants the rock, but Ben’s not giving in. Carol and Maggie make their way downstairs to try and get Mike’s filth into Jason’s office. In there, Jason conducts this plan about how they’ll go around the country fooling people with the magic rock. Then they’ll eventually get a movie of the week made out of them. Maggie and Carol, unsurprisingly, think he’s crazy.

Mike and Ben are in the kitchen and Mike is giving Ben $50 and taking the garbage out every night, for the magic rock.

We cut to the next day at Mike and Carol’s high school, which looks more like a college than a high school. Boner just got done giving his presentation on where babies come from and apparently it was very detailed, too detailed.

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It made a girl go running out of the room to throw up. Mike’s is up next and being Mike he’s relying on the magic rock to help him with his presentation, instead of just coming up with a speech topic. He bombs at first until the teacher realizes he must’ve just blown it off and Mike realizes he’s been conned by his family. He saves himself by doing his speech on conning. He says that he already conned the teachers and students by believing that he actually didn’t know what he was doing up there.

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Ben comes home with a new Baseball mitt he pictured, with Mike’s Money. He was suppose to get the money back.

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The next scene all the Seavers, except for Mike, are in the kitchen. Boner rings the doorbell and just invites himself in. He tells them that Mike conned him into buying a magic rock and he broke his skateboard on Dead Man’s Curve.

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They give Boner the remainder of the money, that they took from Ben, and the mitt. Boner walks outside to Mike. Here it’s revealed that Mike devised this whole plan, with Boner, just to get his money back. He lets Boner keep the glove and the rock, because that’s worthless, right?


The rock’s actually very rare and worth two hundred dollars. The Chemistry teacher is going to buy it from Boner. So looks like Boner had the last laugh after all.

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End scene: Jason comes down to Maggie, who’s watching television. They talk about the events that just unfolded and Jason brings up how Mike and Ben have learned that you can’t abuse people’s trust and you can’t lie to them. If you do you’ll get what’s coming to them. Coincidentally, the reporter on the TV starts talking about Richard Nixon is being honored at a fancy dinner that night.

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This episode was interesting with everybody hustling each other. This way it always kept you guessing.

And That’s the Point.

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