Season 2, Episode 8, “Jason’s Rib”

Pre-credits: Mike’s watching Undercover Mother. A show he’s embarrassed to watch because he shuts it off as soon as everyone comes in.

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I’d be too. Maggie and Jason have to get going to The Parents’ meeting, at school. Jason tries to get out of it by saying his car won’t start. He claims he didn’t do anything to it, despite Maggie’s questioning. Mike lends them his car, but why would Mike do such a nice thing like that? Because his car is almost out of gas, so they’ll have to fill it up instead of him. Carol says, “I wanna watch something good.” She turns on the Growing Pains Theme Song because that’s “good.” At least the writers thought of having the theme song come on.

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Jason and Maggie are driving to the The Parents’ Meeting.

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Jason points that the movie theater they just passed is playing A Man And A Woman. Maggie suggests that should slip out of the meeting early and go see it. Oh, I see how it is. When Jason doesn’t want to go, he’s not getting out of it. When Maggie wants to leave the meeting early to go see a movie, they’ve already seen, it’s okay. They decide that they’ll get out of the meeting early and go to the movie.

The meeting’s going on and whether Beans and Weenies should be served, during lunch, is being discussed.

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Thank god! Jason and Maggie are about to slip out. Maggie goes first with Jason quickly behind, so they don’t draw attention to themselves. The next topic they’re going to vote on is dress code. Should the school have one or not? Jason’s against it, while everyone else is for it. That may be after some persuading from Evon. She brings up that the kids will rebel if not forced to wear a dress code. Next they’ll “put safety pins in their ears and “bring small caliber pistols to school,” because, for lunch, they’re being served Beens and Weenies. Seriously, what is up with the Beans and Weenies? They’ve brought it like three times. Maggie comes in to remind Jason of the movie and he gets her opinion on the whole dress code thing, assuming she’ll agree with him. Jason says they should be using knowledge instead of ignorance. He has to clarify that ignorance does not mean dumb, it means uniformed. So when Jason says his wife is being ignorant, she’s not being dumb, she’s just uniformed. Everyone takes ignorant as meaning dumb and now Maggie is embarrassed in front of all the other parents. Apparently, Jason has never heard of having an opinion.

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Jason and Maggie are on their way home, with Maggie still pissed off about what just happened. He has the idea of checking if there’s a midnight show of A Man And A Woman, so he’s pulls into the theater to go and see. Maggie has a different idea, because she drives off leaving Jason at the theater when he goes to see about the times.

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Ben and Mike are at home playing a Baseball game on the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System.)

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Maggie comes home and they think they’re gonna get it, because they were suppose to be in upstairs or in bed by then. All Maggie does is tell them good night and goes upstairs. Jason comes in and, again, they think they’re gonna get it. He acts the same way as Maggie did.

Jason and Maggie talk about tonight, which doesn’t end well. Jason tries to explain what he meant and it just comes out worse and worse. In the midst of the argument. Maggie brings up how she thought he meant it when he said the best thing about their marriage was that they were both individuals, with ideas, ambitions and identities.

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She thought he meant it till tonight. They go to bed angry giving us, what I believe is, Jason and Maggie’s first real fight.

The next morning, Mike comes downstairs to find Ben eating ice cream for Breakfast. Why? Because Maggie told him to get himself something for Breakfast.

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Mike, Ben and Carol decide they have to get Jason and Maggie to make up. Mike comes with the plan to send, Maggie, flowers and a wimpy apology from Jason. Maggie says it’ll never work and Mike brings up The Cosby Show (bad timing) as an example. Carol replies with how that’s a TV show and this is “real life.” Two things: 1.The writers are really into meta jokes this episode and 2. I sure as hell hope this isn’t real life. Carol’s next point is why is he so sure that Jason should be the one apologizing. Mike’s reasoning is that because he’s the man and she’s the woman.

Maggie is getting ready in the bathroom and Jason comes to door saying they should work out before Maggie has her interview with the governor. Maggie rushes out the door, not looking her best, and goes downstairs. Jason comments on her appearance saying she can’t interview the Governor looking like that.

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She’ll get wrestled to the ground before even meeting the governor. Maggie says she looks like that because of the lack of sleep she got and having a lot on her mind. Maggie then asks him if clothing has something to do with character to which he replies yes with, trapping with. This goes against the whole dress code issue which this entire episode has been centered around. Jason then brings up how that they don’t have to agree on everything. I’m not sure how we go to him saying that from saying dress code has something to do with character. Jason apologizes to Maggie for embarrassing her, they kiss, and all is right in the Seaver household.

End scene: Maggie and Jason’s kissing is interrupted by the doorbell. At the door they both receive flowers from each other. They both play it off like they did send the flowers to each other, but we know who really sent them. 😉

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And That’s The Point.

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