Season 2, Episode 10, “The Breakfast Club”

Pre-Credits Scene: Maggie and Jason are snuggle up, watching a sad movie together. Jason’s trying to get some, usual Jason This is all while Mike’s sneaking into the house through the upstairs window, usual Mike. He’s out past his curfew. Maggie and Jason think it’s so sort of robber, so they head upstairs, with weapons. Jason has a hockey stick, while Maggie has an ice skate.

This whole time they don’t think to turn on any lights.

They head into Mike’s room, while Mike is coming in through the hall window.

Why has it taken him this long to get into the house?

Seeing no one, Mike thinks he’s home free. Then Maggie and Jason open the door and they all scare the living hell out of each other, and turn on the lights.


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In Mike’s room, Mike’s trying to explain why’s he home past his curfew. His excuse is that when he was on his way home, he saw a burning building and had to go help those trapped inside. Surprisingly, Maggie and Jason don’t buy it and can tell he’s lying. Jason and Maggie tell him that he wasn’t out past his curfew and it’s 11:30. Mike thought it was past midnight, his curfew, because Boner got the time wrong.

Mike has to learn is to never trust Boner.

Speaking of Mike’s friends, what about Eddie? Are they not friends anymore after they got into a fight over the whole Carol thing? Another thing Growing Pains has not follow up on, just like that dog.

Mike seems to be off the hook, for now at least, as Maggie and Jason don’t give him a punishment.

The next morning, Maggie’s explaining why she is so glum, when asked by Jason. It’s not about Mike just lying last night, it’s about him lying constantly. Ben’s also in this scene, He really has no purpose though, other to set up the Maggie’s parents coming to watch the kids when Maggie and Jason are in Atlantic City for a Physciatrist conference and to get a reaction shot when he thinks he’s being grounded. while it’s really Mike. Yes, they are grounding Mike, after all.

I know everything about Ben in this scene seems important, but it’s really not. Having that scene wouldn’t of added any confusion to the episode. They could’ve just had Mike come in, which is what i’m about to talk about.

Mike comes looking like he’s just returned home from being out all night. He probably has, as he’s explaining to Maggie and Jason why he looks the way he does. Maggie and Jason just brush it off and tell Mike he’s grounded this weekend, for constantly lying.

Maggie’s getting ready to leave for Atlantic City. After telling Carol she can’t spend the night at Wanda’s, her friend’s, house, just to get out of spending time with her grandparents, she receives a phone call from someone at work. She’s asked to come into work, but LIES and says she’s going to a wedding in Atlantic City, and she’s an integral part of the wedding. Mike happens to be on the room and catches her in the act. He doesn’t think it’s right that she’s able to lie but not him.

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He’s got a point.

Maggie is in the kitchen, with Jason, explaining what happened, and Jason suggests that she should ground herself. Maggie, at first, thinks it’s ridiculous, then comes around to it.

In the living room, Mike is telling Carol about how great Maggie’s reaction was, when caught lying.

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They are then informed, by Maggie, that she’s grounding herself. Then the grandparents arrive and have, for Maggie and Jason, two tickets to see Frank Sinatra, in Atlantic City.

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Only this is that Maggie can’t go, because she grounded herself. Now Carol and Jason are going to go. Ben has been put in charge in making sure Mike doesn’t sneak out.

Later that night, Mike’s bored out of his mind hanging out with his grandparents and Maggie, when he’d rather be out.

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It doesn’t matter, anyway, because it’s 8:00 and that’s his required bedtime. Maggie is all excited because it’s love week on TV and they’re showing Love Story 2. Her mother brings up that’s she grounded and that it be hypocritical of Maggie not to give her the same punishment that she gave Mike, so Maggie goes off to bed.

Jason and Carol arrive to see Frank Sinatra. There’s really no point to how this scene plays out, though. We cut to a scene later that would’ve just been better to mix with this scene going on now.

Maggie is sneaking downstairs, with popcorn and tissues, to watch Love Story 2. Coincidentally, Mike’s also sneaking downstairs, except he’s going to the “biggest party of the year.” That’s what he says about every party. Maggie catches him, then Mike sees the popcorn and tissues to realize she was watching Love Story 2. They have a talk and explaining to Mike about how she was punished once for saying “damn” at the dinner table. From telling him about that she sees where he’s coming from and they both decide to form a pact of sneaking back.

Frank Sinatra is starting over at Atlantic City and everyone is baffled to learn it’s Frank Sinatra Jr.

Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 9.10.45 PM

Mike and Maggie return from sneaking out and getting Pizza. Now, Maggie has seen where Mike is coming from, a little. However, he’s still not allowed to lie.

Even though he’s going to do it anyway.

Like Mike before, they think they’re home free. That is until one of Ben’s traps goes off.

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We don’t see any repercussions for them, though.

End Scene: Jason and Carol return from Atlantic City and tell the grandparents all about Frank. They even got the grandfather, Ed, his autograph and a personal message.

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How nice.

And That’s the Point.

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