Season 2, Episode 12, “

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Season 2, Episode 12 starts Mike, Eddie and Boner out in the driveway talking out how much women they’re going to get on the class ski trip. Only problem is Boner doesn’t think his parents will let him go. Well Mike has gotten permission from his parents, but he assumes they will let him go. Mike tells Eddie to get some chairs and they’re going to role play the dinner conversation where Boner will ask his parents about the trip. It’s also here we learn the name of Boner’s dad, Sylvester Stabone, yeah. During their conversation, Mike and Eddie tell Boner that he should not say women, when saying why he wants to go on the trip. Instead, he should say “class spirit” and “growth experience.” Even though all they care about is women!

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Carol’s now the MC of the house, because Jason and Maggie are sick. She’s giving demands like making Ben clean and telling Mike to put his books upstairs.

It’s surprising he even has them in the first place.

Seeing as Jason and Maggie are sick, Mike sees this as the perfect opportunity to ask them about the ski trip.

Mike’s in their room asking them and they say he can go as long as he gets a C on his test and passes.

It’s the next day, at school, and Eddie and Boner are all gazed up about Boner’s parents letting him go on the trip. Mike tells them that he can’t go, because he just assumes that he failed the test. Even though, as Eddie points out, Mike hasn’t seen the test there for knowing he failed. Mike walks up to the TA, Robin, who graded all the test papers. Mike asks for what he got and she tells him he got a D. Mike needed a C, so now he can’t go on the trip.

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Maggie and Jason are still sick and Maggie’s returning to the bedroom, from downstairs. She can’t believe how it looks down there. Jason thinks she means that it looks horrible, but it’s actually incredibly clean. She says it hasn’t been that clean since she went back to work. This upsets Jason, despite him denying it.

Soon after, the teacher says how shocked she was that no one got below a C. Mike’s surprised because he knows he got a D and goes to talk to Robin about it. She reveals that she changed Mike’s grade, so he can go on the Ski Trip. There’s a catch though.

There’s always a catch.

Mike’s date has, on the ski trip, has to be Robin. This would mess up with Mike’s plan, because he wanted to go dateless to the trip. But if Mike doesn’t agree, Robin will just change his grade back.

Mike, Eddie and Boner are in the driveway discussing what Mike should do. We don’t really get any progress, though. It’s just stuff we already knew.

Mike comes in the kitchen and Carol, along with everything else she’s done, waxed the floor. She did a good job because as soon as Mike starts to walk on the kitchen floor, he slips.

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Mike tries to get Carol’s help with putting her in his position by hypothetically saying that if a boy trapped her into going out with him, what would she. Carol doesn’t go for talking about it, so that plan didn’t work either. Then Ben runs into the kitchen, not knowing Carol just waxed it, and crashes. He’s okay though.

Jason comes downstairs to look for any imperfection, in the way the house looks, so he can feel better about him. In comes Mike and Jason first asks him about his English test. Mike shows him his A and Jason begins to look at it noticing mistakes. Mike says it was graded on a big curve.

That he’s actually telling the truth about.

Mike then asks Jason what do about his situation he’s in, without giving him the specifics. Jason tells him he either has to do what the person wants or deny the favor all together.

Mike can’t have the best of both worlds, here.

Maggie comes down and Jason tells her about Mike’s A. Carol also comes in and wants to see the A.

At this point, I thought Mike was screwed, but then we wouldn’t have all this stuff with Rubin that’s going to ensue.

Maggie says she first wants to talk about how good of a job Carol is doing. She thinks it’s great, but she wants her to stop because of how it’s making Jason feel. Carol sees what she means and gives her word that she’ll stop. Hearing all this gives Mike an idea of what to do about his Rubin situation.

He runs into the kitchen to use the phone but not without slipping on the floor first. He calls Boner what he does on a first date, so he can scare Rubin off.

I think this would’ve better if Mike just didn’t spell everything out to us. He basically says what I wrote above. It would’ve been better if Mike just asked Boner what he does on a first date. This type of humor is funnier and more clever when you have to think about it a little before laughing.

Mike’s on his date with Rubin (at a drive in movie) and his plan of trying to gross her out is failing. He tries to pressure her, but she just goes for it.

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Having to come up with another plan, Mike stops making out with her to go get “popcorn.” On his way, he’s surprised to see Eddie and Boner in a car spying on them.

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He tries to get advice from them, but everything they give him Mike has already tried and it worked. Mike exits the car and Eddie calls Boner scum, for Boner calling him scum just then. Eddie throws popcorn at Boner and they start roughhousing. The scene cuts back to Mike and Rubin, so we only have our imaginations to rely on what happened between Eddie and Boner. Mike’s back in the car and tells Rubin that he only asked her out to gross her out, so she wouldn’t want to be his date on the ski trip. Rubin says she did it as a way of flirting, not blackmail as Mike puts it. She starts crying and says she doesn’t see how it’s fair for guys to be able to do stuff like that but not girls. Mike agrees and then Robin realizes that everything this whole thing as been wrong. She’s going to change Mike’s grade back. Mike tries to change her mine but has no luck.

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End scene: Ben is up at 11, 2 hours past his bedtime, eating PB&J, drinking Milk and watching TV. Carol sees him and that he should be in bed, but then sees this as an opportunity of what Maggie was talking to her about. She tells Ben to stay where he is and before going upstairs throws some clothes on the floor. Jason comes down mad. He cleans up and sends Ben to bed.

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Mike comes and tells him that Maggie’s advice was horrible and that he now has a D on his test, because his teacher took out the curve. He ends it with saying how everything was better when he wasn’t sick, which makes Jason feel a lot better.

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