Season 2, Episode 13, “Some Enchanted Evening”

Carol is having trouble securing Bobby as her date to the Dewey High winter formal, Meanwhile, Mike has trouble picking one as three girls are pursuing him to be their date for the dance. This week on Growing Pains!

Carol and BOBBY arrive on Carol’s front porch, at night, after finishing their date.

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I liked Bobby and hoped to see him again. Carol and him had chemistry and it’s nice to see characters date more than once on this show. Something that, seemingly, never happens with Mike.

Carol is expecting and hoping that Bobby is going to ask her to the Dewey High winter formal. Bobby, knowing what Carol wants, is about to say something about the dance, but he backs out and asks if she wants to study tomorrow night.

We all knew he what he really was going to ask about, though.

Bobby works back the courage and as he’s about to, he gets distracted by Mike, who just pulled into the house. Carol tries to get his mind back on track by bringing up how fast the school year (Summer and Fall) is going by and how the Dewey High winter formal is almost here. Bobby’s on the tip of saying something about the dance, as Mike and his date walk up, prompting Bobby to hastily wish Carol goodnight and say goodbye to Mike. Carol goes inside as Mike finishes up with his date.

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Mike’s date, Andrea, quickly moves in to make out with Mike. He stops her, because he claims he has his “reputation to think about.” After about 2 seconds, he’s done thinking and continues making out with Andrea.

Okay, so, Mike’s brought home a girl that doesn’t care about being insulted by him, as long as she gets some action.

The next morning at Dewey High, Carol’s (less bright) friends are asking her if Bobby has asked her to the formal, yet. She tells them he hasn’t, but she brought it up to him. This is a big red flag, according to them, because it diminishes men’s masculinity and men like women that let them be in charge. This is even at the cost of having to act dumb, which Carol’s friends are fully “prepared” to do.

Yeah, “prepared.”

Up comes Bobby and (in an effort to get him to bring up the winter formal) Carol lays her arm on a poster for the event.

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It doesn’t work this time either. Turns out Bobby just came over to let Carol know that they can’t study together tomorrow night, and that’ll he’ll call her later to talk about something, because the bell just rang.

Now this is a cut I really like. We go from the noises from the hallway of Dewey High to the quietness of the Seaver’s living room, as Carol anxiously awaits a call from Bobby. The noise to pretty much complete silence is pretty interesting.

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She tries to use psychic powers and even shushes Ben, as he says hi to her upon coming home. Noticing that she’s waiting for a call, Ben puts hand on the phone and Carol tells him that it be in his best interest, if he wants to use that hand again, to let go. Mike and Samantha walk in the front door. Samantha is one of the girls that wants to go with Mike to the formal. She gave him a ride home, because Mike’s car is in the shop all week.

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After she leaves, Mike says how he loves when the winter formal comes around, because of how “desperate” the girls get, which prompts Carol to call him a pig. The phone finally rings. Carol wants Ben to pick it up and act like he’s calling her from another room, so it doesn’t seem like Carol was just waiting by the phone. That doesn’t matter anyway, because it’s Mike’s friend, Eddie. Carol attacks Mike and takes the phone from him.

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Now Bobby calls, and to fight back Mike throws a pillow at Carol’s head ending the scene.

Jason is in the kitchen, when Maggie arrives home from work, entering through the kitche. Mike comes in to try and get Carol in trouble for attacking him, but Maggie’s proud of her for doing so. Jason tells Mike all these girls called, asking for Mike. Maggie doesn’t think it’s fair for Mike to lead them off like this. Mike puts everything into perspective with how there’s more males than female at the school and how even Boner is getting calls.

You know it’s serious if even Boner is getting calls.

An upset Carol comes in and Mike, again, tries to get Carol in trouble. She doesn’t care though and just wants to ward off all men and calls them slime. Jason takes Mike into the living room to explain women to him and Maggie and Carol stay in the kitchen to explain men to Carol. In the conversation, we find out Bobby hasn’t said whether he’s going with another girl.

As long as Bobby’s not a complete asshole, he’d go with Carol. It blows my mind that people would go on those amount of dates and not go to the dance together. But we don’t the full story, yet. Carol then, because of her friends, bring up how the women aren’t suppose to ask men out. Maggie shows her it’s perfectly normal by asking Jason if he wanted to go to the movies on Friday and he replies with, “sure.” Then she quickly retracts and reminds him that they have plans on Friday. This really confuses Jason and it comes at perfect timing too, because he’s trying to explain to Mike that women aren’t confusing.

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I gotta say, how they play this scene off makes it one of the funniest scenes in the entire show, so far.

The next day at school, Carol’s friends are telling her it’s a bad idea to follow her mother’s advice. She doesn’t think that and decides to ask Bobby to the dance, after he had made his way past them to his locker. He tells her, but he doesn’t tell her a reason. Carol leaves and Bobby calls her back, but it’s just to get his football back, that he handed her. He almost says something about it but doesn’t and this leaves Carol crushed. She thinks it’s because he’s going with someone else. Again, we don’t know the full story.

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It’s later that night and Mike’s trying to decide which of his three options to go to the dance with. He’s going by hair color, so of course, again, he’s putting looks before personality. A very upset Carol comes in and Jason asks her how her date was. She soon gets to the whole Bobby thing. Maggie and Carol go to comfort her and talk about the whole thing. Mike’s forced to leave, because he made a rude comment about how he doesn’t need this due to him having three options and Carol can’t even secure one guy, Bobby. She says how he must not want to date her, even though they’ve been going out for two months. They try to get her to feel better, but it doesn’t work.

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Jason decides he’s going to call Bobby and give him a piece of his mind.

It’s the night of the dance and Mike comes down the stairs looking like a pimp. He couldn’t decide on one, so he’s going with all three, none of them care how they’re being treated.

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Mike and his dates leave and The Seavers are also leaving, for The Empire State Building. They go out to the balcony and Maggie and Carol thinks it’s lame for Jason to have taken them there. They take it back when they see Jason talking to Bobby. This is why Bobby couldn’t take Carol. It wasn’t because he wanted to go with someone else. It’s because he’s a janitor, at The Empire State Building. Bobby goes out and meets Carol and tells her that this is why he couldn’t take her. Ben says that he’s just gonna jump, if it gets mushy.

Which is hilarious.

Maggie, Jason, and Ben leave. Bobby apologizes and said he didn’t say anything because he didn’t want people to find out. He gets a radio, to play music, and they dance on the roof of The Empire State Building.

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The episode ends the exact same way it started, with Carol and Bobby on the porch. Except, this time, Mike goes inside first. He’s dropped off by his dates and is called a pig by every one of them. Before going inside, Mike says, “women,” (in a disgusted tone) to which Bobby replies, “you said it.” The episode ends with Carol and Bobby kissing.


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