Season 2, Episode 14 “Thank You, Willie Nelson”

Carol’s throwing a slumber party, with a bunch of other girls.

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Didn’t the episode where she had the option to skip a grade establish she didn’t have very many friends. Unless, from that episode to here, she made a bunch of new friends.

Meanwhile, Mike has concocted another one of his schemes. This time to make himself look attractive to some of Carol’s friends.

At least that’s what I thought, till I read the episode description. There it says Mike and Ben did this to scare the girls, but when he comes to the rescue, he gives off the big strong man persona. Maybe, it’s both.

Here’s the plan: Ben going unnoticed, maneuvers his way around Carol and her friends. He plants Cecil, the snake, in one of the girl’s sleeping bag. While he’s doing this, Mike’s observing from outside, with a pair of binoculars. After Ben is done, he and Mike meet out in the driveway, for Mike to tell Ben about how they’re going to proceed. Then they’re joined by Jason and Maggie, who are wondering what they’re talking about. Suddenly, out of nowhere, Ed and Kate Malone, Maggie’s parents, pull into the driveway, in a mobile home. Turns out they sold their house and will live on the rest of their days, on the road. This was all Ed’s idea, and he did it when Kate was out of town, at a funeral.

What an asshole.

In a marriage, you’re suppose to talk to your partner before making decisions, especially a one as big as this one!

Suddenly, they all hear screams coming from the house. Looks like Mike and Ben can continue their plan.

Mike and Ben rush into the living and grabs the snake.

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Carol (of course) suspects that they set all this up. She finds out she was right, when Jason comes in and asks what they’re doing with Stinky Sullivan’s Snake. Then Kate walks in and comments how much Carol has grown. Carol and her hug and Kate asks if she’s started wearing bras yet, embarrassing her in front of her friends. Jason, seeing the mess that’s unfolding in front of his eyes, gets Kate, Mike, and Ben to come back in the kitchen.

In the kitchen, Jason is reminding Mike that he’s not allowed to disturb Carol and her friends, and Maggie sends Mike and Ben to their rooms. Maggie talks to her mom about why they sold the house, while Jason and Ed go out and look at the trailer. Kate starts up about how he sold the house and bought the RV, when she was at her cousin Effie’s funeral. Maggie, then, asks if she has given any hints to Ed that she doesn’t like this lifestyle, and she replies with that she gives off a vacant look. Problem is that she, apparently, always has that look on her face.

Okay, so, the mom’s complaining that the father put them in a situation that they don’t like, fiar. But why does she just not talk to him about it. He should probably be getting it from the hints, but he’s not.

Ed’s showing Jason everything in the RV, from the bed, to the bathroom, to a poster of Lori Anderson, and finally the driver’s seat. Jason sits in the seat and understands why Ed wants this lifestyle. He wants to live out his final years adventuring, not just staying stagnant in his home. Jason and Ed are actually bonding here and getting along, as oppose to when they visited their home.

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Maggie and Kate come outside, so Kate can tell Ed how she really feels. When Maggie tells Jason this, he tells her that’s terrible advice. As we quickly see, Maggie’s and Kate’s talk didn’t go so well, because Kate exits the RV calling Ed “the most pig headed man she has ever met,” and that she’ll never get in that RV again. Before closing the door, Ed responds with how he’s leaving at midnight, with or without her.

Much to their dismay, Kate is telling Carol and a couple of her friends that you’ll go crazy if you put your faith and any man.

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You know? Typical thing women do on this show, without knowing the full story.

Jason and Maggie come in and let Carol and her friends go and tell Kate to make a pot of tea when they set up Carol’s room, for her. Seeing as she’s alone, Mike sees this as the perfect time to initiate another one of his plans. Ben brings up how they have so much fun together putting puzzles together and singing songs around the piano. Then Mike comes in and insists that they should sing songs around the piano, right now, which is exactly what they do.

Jason and Maggie are in Jason’s office talking about what to do about Maggie’s parents. Problem is Jason’s thinks Ed has a point, and Maggie thinks her mom is right. Then they hear the little show Mike, Ben, and Kate are putting on in the living room, which is just embarrassing Carol beyond belief.

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So I guess from this Mike and Ben were just trying to mess with Carol’s slumber party, no other motives.

Maggie and Jason come out and Jason, once again, tells Mike to leave them alone.

Jason comes out into the RV to talk to Ed. Jason suggests that Ed should tell Kate how she feels, but Ed says he’s not a “communicator.” He thinks she’ll change her mind. Problem is, Kate thinks Ed is going to change his mind.

How have these people been married for this long?

Jason comes back inside and soon they hear the sounds of the RV about to pull out. They all rush outside.

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Maggie and Jason get into the same discussion they’ve been having most of this episode. Maggie thinks it’s stupid of her dad to want to live the rest of his and her mother’s life in the RV. Jason responds with how it’s stupid to her, but it’s a dream for some people. From their conversation, Kate and Ed see where the other was coming from. Ed says that he’d probably still be able to sell the RV and get their house back. That doesn’t matter anymore, though. Kate wants the traveling lifestyle, now. So they tell Maggie and Jason to say goodbye to the kids for them and they drive off. Then, Carol and her friends run screaming out of the house. Ben and Mike scared them, dressed up as I don’t even know how to describe it.

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End credits scene:Mike is led to the living room by the voices of Carol’s friends, just to get ambushed by Carol’s friends, who proceed to pour shaving cream all over him. Mike got his just deserves, in the end.

Also, why is this episode called Thank You, Willie Nelson

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And That’s the Point.

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