Season 2, Episode 16 “My Brother, Myself”

This week’s episode begins with Ben, looking suave, as usual. He’s yelling at everyone to hurry up, because they’re go to a live recording of The Cosby Show.

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I’d be doing the same thing.

Jason comes down and Ben asks what’s taking Carol and Maggie so long. Jason tells him it’s because women are always late. When Ben suggests they could just ditch them, Jason says Women hate it when you ditch them.

Yeah, especially going to a live recording of The Cosby Show. I’d be mad too.

When Maggie catches Jason in the act of saying all these things, he immediately retracts his statement and acts like she just heard him wrong.

Carol comes down and Mike sees them all off. He’s not going because he has a date.

Here’s where the episode actually surprised me. I expected not to see any of them at The Cosby Show recording and have the episode focus on Mike and his date. I was thankfully wrong.

We cut to the end of the taping and Ben’s sitting there enjoying the show.

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Suddenly, he sees a girl, in the same row, across from him. Like a freaking idiot, this causes him to miss the end of the show and realize he’s going through puberty.

As usual, Mike’s late returning home from his date. He trips over a booby trap Ben put off, so it would wake him up so he could talk to Mike about girls, as soon as Mike got home. He tells Mike reassures Ben that puberty is a fantastic thing. Ben doesn’t think so, because he thinks he hates girl. Even though, as Mike points out, he really doesn’t.

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It’s the next morning and Ben greats Maggie and Jason.

Wearing aftershave.

Maggie suggests that she and Jason should go on a date. They are, so Ben needs a babysitter. Both Mike and Carol have dates.

It’s later that night and Mike is in his room “rehearsing his moves” by talking to himself, in the mirror. Ben asks why Mike’s doing all the things he’s doing to get ready for his date. He says because girls like more unpredictable and on the edge guys.

Everyone’s getting ready to leave, except Ben. The babysitter, Trudy, arrives, who seems to be a friend of Carol’s, because they say bye to each other as Carol leaves.

That’s hard to believe, because the babysitter looks no older than Ben. Why does he need a babysitter? Everybody leaves, the babysitter goes to watch TV, and Ben comes down looking suave as everytime he gets dressed up. He tries to put the moves on Trudy, but she doesn’t like him and just wants to watch TV.

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After failing at every attempt, Ben proclaims this as the worst night of his night. Right after, Mike comes in saying the exact same thing. He got stood up. Seeing as Mike’s home and wanting to get as far away from Ben as possible, Trudy asks if she can call her parents.

Mike’s on the phone telling Boner how he was stood up. None of that matters when Trudy’s sister, Stacy, comes to pick her up.

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Her and Mike immediately fall for each other. She goes to Georgetown University and Mike lies that he’s in college. First he says Yale, then he changes it to Harvard when he said he has to go back to Boston, not New Heaven. Trudy comes and gets in the car. Stacy and Mike continue talking and realize they want to see each other again. Only problem is Stacy has to go back to Georgetown and Mike’s just “staying for the weekend.” They could go on a date tonight, but it’s too late. They just decide to stay there and make Ben and Trudy interact with each other, when they hang out, much to Trudy’s dismay.

Mike goes and gets Ben from the basement, which we’ve never seen. Ben’s playing with train set. Mike and Stacy force Ben and Trudy together, while they go into the kitchen. Things are going terrible, with Ben and Trudy, while things are going good, with Mike and Stacy. Then things start to fall apart. He says he graduated from Dewey High. Only problem is they’d be in the same class and she doesn’t remember. He says it’s because he was really small, but she’s not buying it. Trudy actually likes Ben, because she finds out he went to a live taping of The Cosby Show. Ben’s glad, even though she just likes him because of that and doesn’t like any part of him. Just like how Trudy was acting before, Stacy wants to leave upon discovering Mike was lying.

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The key is to always tell the truth.

Later in the night, Jason and Maggie return home. They’re gonna get busy, but Mike and Ben need to talk to Jason about women. They ask when he started understanding woman. Jason decides to go for more of a comedic answer. He says it felt like it was only yesterday when his dad was explaining women to him. That’s because it was.

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End scene: It’s 3 in the morning and Maggie finds Carol, in the kitchen, eating cake. She claims she’s not hungry. Carol’s upset because her and Bobby are fighting. She offers Maggie some but Maggie says she’s not hungry. Soon as that, Maggie grabs a piece of cake, driving home this scene’s point that women sometimes say something but does another.

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And That’s the Point

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