Season 2, Episode 15, “Thank God It’s Friday.”

Ben answers the phone and it’s Bobby calling to tell Carol they can’t go out tonight, because he got his 3rd speeding ticket in three months.

From that, it’s surprising Jason and Maggie even let Carol go out with him.

Jason comes into the kitchen wondering where Maggie is because they’re suppose to go to the movies tonight. Before Jason finds out about Carol not having a date, he gets ready to call the sitter. He doesn’t because Carol’s on the other phone and thinks it’s Ben, again, so she tells him to get off the phone “pee brain.” Maggie comes home and says she forgot about their plans but is too tired, from work, anyway. So now all the Seavers are staying home, except for Mike who has plans to go out with Eddie and Boner.

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Maggie comes into the living room and hands everyone their TV dinners. Mike leaves as soon the doorbell rings. At the door is Trudy, the babysitter, here to babysit.

Wait, what? Why is Trudy even there. Jason says he forgot to cancel, but he never should’ve called. He put the phone down after being call a “pee brain” by Carol and being informed by Ben that Carol has no date. If they wanted her there for it to make sense, Jason should’ve made the call and then found out Carol had no date. Oh well, I’ll just add this to the list of the many inconsistencies of Growing Pains. However, nothing is as bad as the dog.

So they’re stuck with Trudy, because her parents are going out for the night.

Mike, Boner and Eddie are at a Pizza parlour trying to figure out what to do.

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They finally decide on lip reading a Swedish film at the drive in. On their way out, they run into Roland Taylor, a guy who use to go to Dewey High and is now in college.

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He’s picking up Pizza for party. Mike, Boner, and Eddie try to get invited by carrying his Pizza, but Rolan sees through their trickery and lets them come, anyway.

The four arrive at the party and it is here Boner finds out that college kids like to “use the bathroom together.”

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Mike tries to put the moves on this one girl, but he quickly discovers that everyone at this party is doing Cocaine.

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Even this one girl, Lana, who they were friends with when she was in high school. Mike thinks they should leave immediately, but Eddie doesn’t want the college kids to think they’re aren’t “cool.” Mike goes into why Cocaine is bad in that it kills you.

This part comes off a little too preachy, but hey they got to get the message through somehow.

We cut back, to the Seaver House, only to show Trudy being picked up, by her dad, and demanding to be paid for not babysitting.

Yeah… Back to the Coke party!

Mike, Eddie, and Boner are being pressured into doing Cocaine.

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Mike decides he doesn’t care about being seen as a “wimp” and leaves the party, without Eddie and Boner. We’re not sure what happens with them because they’re undecided when we cut.

Mike arrives home at 2 am, an hour past his curfew. Jason wants an explanation and he tells him that they ended up at a Cocaine party. Mike tells him he didn’t do any, but he’s upset because of people laughing and thinking he’s a “wimp.” Jason reassures him he did the right thing and what matters is he pleased himself.

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In a nice moment, they hug each other. Before Mike heads up, Jason tells him Edie and Boner called to say, “they didn’t go to the bathroom, and they don’t want to,” leaving Mike really happy and proud. Jason goes to lock the door having trouble believing the whole situation.

Final Scene: We cut back to the party and I’m thinking they’ll show Eddie and Boner leaving or someone having a heart attack. Turns out it’s a drug PSA, starring Kirk Cameron.

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If you want to have it as a commercial, that’s fine. I think it would’ve worked to just implement it into the episode, even though they kinda already did. Doing it this way just feels cheap, to me, and it takes me out of the episode. It’s a good message though.

This episode started out kinda slow, but it got pretty interesting when they got to the party. I was anxious to see what was gonna happen.

And That’s the Point!

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  1. Hi, just wanted to let you know someone’s reading all this. You really need to proofread. Otherwise, good job wading through a mediocre sitcom so we don’t have to. I wonder though, has Carol’s weight been brought up at all? I’ve read everywhere about the fat jokes at her expense, but you haven’t talked about any.

    • Thanks for the kind words and the constructive criticism. I’ll keep that in mind when doing this. Regarding Carol’s weight, I don’t know why I’ve never brought it up. I’ve definitely noticed it. Either it just slips my wind when writing the actual post or something. Again, thanks for the kind words. Good to know someone’s reading. Sorry this response is so late. I literally just saw your comment.

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