Season 2, Episode 17, “Jimmy Durante Died for Your Sins”

Ben comes home and Jason asks, “how’s school today.”

Ben replies, “fantastic!” Because, this morning, when the principal was finishing doing announcements over the PA, she got shocked when she touched the microphone and cussed. Ben goes over to the kitchen table as Mike comes in. Quickly after, Ben turns on the radio to WZLP and it’s 4:15, so it’s “jackpot call-in time.” If you call in and correctly tell them the name of the song they’re playing, you can win $2,000.

However, you’re not winning that much, because the Government takes a portion of it.

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Ben and Mike leave as Carol walks in asking for three things. The first is a note for the field trip. The second is canned food for the canned food drive. The third is a nose-job.

Now which one of those doesn’t sound right?

So Carol wants a nose job. Why? We’ll find out at the end of the episode, and it’s kinda stupid. If anyone in this family should be getting a nose job, it’s Jason.

Jason and Maggie follow Carol into the living room to find out why she wants a nose job. She says she’s been considering it for a while and she finally decided that she wanted one when a girl in her Latin class got one.

Well, Carol, high schoolers aren’t always the smartest people.

That girl, Charlotte Bowser, calls, because Carol wants to know everything about the procedure. So, she leaves and Jason and Maggie continue talking about. They conclude that she doesn’t know anything about the procedure and it’s just a phase, so it will blow over.

Jason, Maggie, and Carol are in the kitchen and Carol’s telling them all she knows about getting a nose job. It’s a lot, so she’s already proven them wrong. Carol reassures them that she’ll be the same Carol, on the inside. Jason tells her that she can get the nose job, as long as pays for it herself. His plan is that it’ll take years for her to get the money and she’ll come to her senses by then.

Carol’s in the living room calculating all the money she needs. She finds out it’ll take her four years. Mike tells her he knows a place she can get it done for half the price.

At this point, I thought this was gonna go the way of the Full House episode where Stephenie has Kimmy Gibbler pierce her ears, but I was wrong. Mike doesn’t actually know a place. Ben just comes in a costume, with a hammer, to bash her face in.

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Carol just hits Ben, with a pillow.

It’s dinner time and Carol gets sent upstairs to clean her face for camouflaging her nose with makeup.

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That same radio station is on doing the “jackpot call-in time.” Mike grabs the phone but can’t call in, because Carol’s using it. Turns out Carol was using the phone to call in to the same radio show. She answers the question right thus winning 3,000.

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Maggie and Jason are in the living room with Carol, telling her that she can’t get a nose job, even though they said she could if she paid for it. While this is going on, Mike and Ben are putting their unwanted dinner, Liver, in a wooden box on the kitchen wall.

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Carol comes into Mike’s room in the middle of the night and asks if he’ll drive to get the nose job.

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She gives him $50, so he’ll do it. Only concern is the parent consent form, but Carol has taken the liberty of forging their signatures.

The next day, Mike and Carol go to get Carol her nose-job.

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Carol hands the form to the woman at the front desk. The woman’s a little suspicious, so she calls the Seavers’ residence. Of course, Maggie freaks out and her and Jason head over there.

Mike and Carol are waiting for Carol to have the procedure. It’s now we find why Carol wants a nose job. It’s because of all the time Mike has called her ugly. Mike tells her that’s his job, because he’s her brother. He even says that in the last few years, she’s gotten pretty, which really puts a smile on Carol’s face and makes her decide that she doesn’t want the procedure.

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In walks Jason and Maggie ready to ground. She tells them she’s decided she doesn’t want the procedure and it’s all alright.

End scene: Maggie is still talking about her nose, which she’s been going on about since Carol said she wanted a nose. Jason tells her nose doesn’t need any work and that it’s perfect. They then go on to talk about Jason’s nose and how he might need a nose job (which I agree), which makes him start obsessing over it.

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I like in this episode that we got see the final big talk of the episode be between Carol and Mike. That was refreshing. But the reason she wanted a nose job in the first, really? They couldn’t of thought of anything better than that? I thought it was gonna be because of something that happened at school. Then we would’ve gotten a bullying PSA, just like the drug one last week. I guess I’ll consider myself lucky.

And That’s the Point!

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