Season 2, Episode 18, “Carnival”

Maggie comes home, from work, and on her way to the kitchen, she runs into Mike and Caroll. It’s here Maggie learns that she forgot that the Mothers’ Club meeting was tonight. That’s also where Jason is. Maggie makes her way into the kitchen and sees Ben, who’s suppose to be in bed. He was waiting up to see her. While Maggie’s eating her dinner, Ben shows her a Playdough necklace he made in Art class and is wondering if she has a picture, of herself, to put in the necklace, so he doesn’t miss her as much. This gets Maggie all anxious.

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So we have another episode where Maggie doesn’t feel like she’s involved enough. Great.

We next see Maggie in the bathtub.

That’s new.

She’s still all antsy, which Jason comments on when he comes in. He also recaps the meeting.

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Jason and her talk about the way she’s feeling and Maggie decides she’ll help with the upcoming carnival, at Ben’s school, to show that she cares.

Jason and Maggie arrive, at the next Mothers’ Club meeting.

Why is Jason even there? Didn’t he only go the last time because Maggie wasn’t home.

Since attending the meeting alone, all the other mothers are enamored by Jason and want to sleep with him. When the meeting begins, Maggie volunteers herself to help out with the carnival, which everyone applauds. She then gets nominated to be the new Carnival Chair Person, which is more than she bargains for.

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The carnival is coming up and everyone in the Seaver household is trying to make sure everything’s ready. Mike’s in charge of the grand bags. Carol’s stirring the Chili.

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Jason is in charge of donations, for the auction. The Chili starts acting up and Ben’s playing with one of the toys, from the grand bags. Ben is getting to be a little much, with arguing with Carol, which prompts Maggie to sit him down and tell him, “if you can’t help, you can at least stay out of the way.” This makes Ben feel more unloved than he did before, which is the whole reason Maggie did this in the first place.

It’s the night of the carnival and everything and everyone is doing great, Except Ben.

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Sitting on a stack of hay, talking to this girl, telling how his mom is ignoring him.

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As the night goes on, the carnival is going swimmingly. Only thing is Ben still feels ignored, so he decides to leave.

Maggie is heading up the auction and sees that the next item is the Playdough necklace Ben made. She wonders how it got there and goes looking for Ben. She first talks to Mike who, as the dealer, is winning all the card games. Last time he saw him, Ben gave Mike all his tickets. Maggie goes to Carol, who’s chili is repulsing everyone.Ben did come by Carol’s boot and got her house key from her. The last person she tries is Jackson, who’s working the dunk tank, and he hasn’t seen him.

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Maggie sees the next logical thing as going home, where he is.

Maggie arrives home to find Ben. She reassures Ben and tells him that she did it for him. As she’s explaining, she realizes she was doing exactly as Ben said. She got so wrapped in this that she forgot why she did it in the first place. She apologizes and the two make up.

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All is well in the Seaver household, but I really couldn’t of cared less about any of that.

End scene: Jason steps down from being the man in the dunk tank and sneakily gets Mike in there. He says it out loud to everyone watching, making it think like Mike actually suggested it. Carol sees this as a perfect opportunity, throws a ball, and dunks Mike (in slow motion).

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