Season 2, Episode 19, “The Awful Truth”

“The Awful Truth” starts with Jason and Maggie going on their monthly lunch date. Mike is told to deliver a shirt to Ben, who’s playing “Rambo”, at the house. Of course he doesn’t, but that doesn’t matter because Ben quickly comes home, decked out in fully army gear.

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Turns out that he has a Family History project due the next day. He was gonna get Jason and Maggie to help, but they’re gone. So, he gets Carol. They go into the basement to see what they can find to help Ben’s project. The first item they find are pantyhose. The next item they find is a book signed by his doctor friends saying, “we’ve thought this might come in handy, now that you’re divorced. It was a book on how to pick up women.
This episode just got a lot more interesting.

Carol and Ben show Mike.

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They then go into how Jason didn’t actually mean it when, at their wedding, by saying Maggie was the only woman he’d ever want to marry. They then go into how he could have other children. This may confirm Carol’s theory of Mike being from a different family.

Ha ha.

Ben goes upstairs because makes him hungry. Mike and Carol continue looking and Mike finds a picture of Jason’s 1st wife.They decide they’ll find more in Jason’s office. They head up there only to find that Ben has already started looking there.

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Carol heads upstairs to look in their bedroom, while Mike and Ben stay down there. Mike finds a picture of Jason and another wife.

Oh, boy.

Carol doesn’t want to jump to any conclusions, so they keep looking in Jason and Maggie’s closet. They find a Newsweek article from 1969. Maggie was a writer for Newsweek, at this time. Jason had an internship, in Phoenix, that year. So, how could she write for Newsweek and live in Phoenix? Ben goes to get another sandwich, while Ben and Carol continue looking. They find a letter, from her parents, addressed to Maggie, about her divorce. So, now Maggie is divorced too.

Maggie comes home to find all three sitting next to each other, not making a sound. She tells Jason about it when he returns home from his “haircut.” Ben comes and grabs a Turkey leg from the fridge.
Again, with the excessive eating.
He asks Jason if his barber’s name is. Trying to line it up with the photo Mike found.
It wasn’t.

Ben comes back into the living room to join Carol and Mike. They decide to go forward with the plan. Mike will talk to Jason, while Carol will talk to Maggie. Mike’s ends with asking Jason how many times he’s been married. Carol doesn’t ask any questions, but she just brings up how divorce people eat dinner over a sink. She leaves and enters Jason. Maggie and Jason realize they know.

In the basement, Maggie and Jason find the pantyhose, but can’t remember who gave them to Jason. Jason and Maggie bring Carol, Ben, and Mike into the basement. They tell them that in 1969, they almost got divorced. Their careers were headed in different directions, but then they realized they loved and wanted to make it work.
What about the mystery woman?
She turns out to be Petula Clark. A popular singer in the 60s. Jason has the autographed photo, because he was the president of her fan club.

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End scene: Jason remembers Maria Flaginhoffer gave him the pantyhose. Maggie comments on how she was overweight, but Jason’s defending Maria and insisting it’s not as bad as Maggie’s saying.
There’s really no point to this scene.

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This episode was better than it could’ve been, because they actually had a payoff. The parents actually almost got divorced, instead of the whole thing being a misunderstanding.

And That’s the Point.

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