Season 2, Episode 20, “Born Free”

Ben and Carol are listening in on what we think is Jason with a patient,

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but it’s later revealed that the conversation’s between Jason and Maggie, regarding Mike’s most recent report card.

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Mike comes in, finds out what’s going on and wants Carol and Ben to say that he was never there, for five dollars. Turns out Jason and Maggie already got to them and gave them five dollars to alert them, if Mike tried to slip away, which they do.

In Jason’s office, Maggie and Jason are discussing how Mike needs to buckle down on his school work, for college. Jason’s doing a speech at Boston College and they decide it would be perfect for Mike to go and see the campus, hopefully to get him to start doing better in school. They tell Mike and he’s all for it, but he just thinks it’s a vacation.

He asks Carol if she has a suitcase then gloats to her and she gets all mad. It’s not till Ben offers up his theory that Jason and Maggie are doing this to get Mike to take his school work seriously, that she gets why he’s actually going.

I must admit, not a bad plan.

Mike and Jason are on the plane, on their way to Boston.

This is when I assumed that we wouldn’t be seeing Boston at all and pretty much the rest of this episode will be set on this plan. I was right… unfortunately.

Jason is trying to (subtly) get Mike’s mind on college by suggesting that he should come with him to the campus.

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All while this was going on, a man named Dan is going around asking everyone for their airsick bags.

I thought it was just to trying and insert some comedy into this scene, but it actually serves a purpose. You’ll see.

Mike’s getting more interested, but Jason loses him when an attractive blonde passes their way.

Oh, Mike.

Mike goes off to try and woo her, but he returns unsuccessful due to her being married.

Jason continues, then they’re interrupted by the woman behind them having a baby. That’s why her husband, Dan, was getting all the airsick bags. They can’t land, due to fog. As alerted by Captain Kirk.

Yeah, I know. Jason pokes fun at this, much to the captain’s dismay.

Jason’s the closet thing to a doctor they have so he takes her up to the Magic Carpet Lounge.

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Her husband isn’t helping in the giving birth process, so Mike follows him back downstairs to calm him down. This is proven unsuccessful as he just heads back upstairs, only to just go back downstairs. This time him and Mike really talk. Dan is not sure what he’ll do when he has to discipline the kid. Mike tells him he should set his kid straight and it doesn’t matter if the kid gets mad, because Dan is his father and he knows best. Saying this makes Mike realize that Jason has been right this whole time.

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Though, that shouldn’t apply to every situation with your father. In Mike’s? Sure. But if you’re dad told you to go kill yourself, he doesn’t know best then.

Captain Kirk comes over the radio to alert everyone that the baby has been born. Dan goes up to meet his son.

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Mike tells Jason that after this whole experience, he’ll take his work seriously.

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Everyone wins!

I hope that this actually sticks and isn’t just forgotten about in the next episode.

Maggie, Jason, and Ben are watching TV

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and see Mike and Jason on TV, because of the events that just unfolded.

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End scene: Jason and Maggie finish rematch Jason and Mike’s TV appearance, for the third time. Before going into the kitchen, Maggie suggests that Jason has found true calling, acting. Jason says, “here’s Jason,” while swinging an imaginary axe. Obviously, a take on the famous scene from The Shining.”

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Good message and the plane setting was interesting, but it just came off as lazy. They showed nothing in Boston!

And That’s the Point

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