Season 2, Episode 21, “The Long Goodbye

Ben is filming his school project showcasing a day in the life of his family. Jenny Foster (Candace Cameron) is behind the camera capturing it all. Candace Cameron played DJ on Full House and is Kirk Cameron’s sister.

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It’s chore day at the Seaver household, so Carol and Maggie are cleaning the drapes, Jason’s writing an article “for some mental patient magazine,” and Mike is painting his room. Ben goes on to say how this project will showcase how well The Seavers get along. Just as he says this, Jason and Maggie come downstairs arguing about their friend and handyman, Jimmy, coming over to fix the furnace. Maggie thinks he’s too old, but Jason doesn’t think so.

The doorbell rings and Mike (thinking it’s Boner) rushes downstairs to answer it, but it’s just Jimmy. After feeling Mike’s bicep, Jimmy wants Mike to give him a punch to the gut, which Mike does. This makes Maggie even more worried when she sees Jimmy wheezing, until Mike tells her that he punched him in the stomach. Jimmy greats the whole family and gets to work on the furnace.

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But Jimmy did forget Carol’s name. 1 point for Maggie

Everyone leaves except Mike and Jason, and Jason reminds Mike that no friends can come over till his room is painted. As soon as Jason leaves the living room, Boner shows up and him and Mike go up to his room, because Mike wants to “show” him something.

Jason and Maggie are in the basement arguing about whether or not Jimmy is still fit for the job.

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Maggie brings up Muhammad Ali as an example of someone who used to be great but is now past his prime and needs to let go. Jason still isn’t buying into. Jimmy comes downstairs and fixes the washing machine, then he gets ready to leave. He forgot that he came there to fix the furnace.

2 points for Maggie.

Mike’s painting while talking to Boner, in his room.

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He tries to manipulate Boner into painting his room, but Boner says he could’ve just asked and he’ll do it, which he does.

Maggie comes in Jason’s office to gloat about how Jimmy forgot why he was in the basement and Carol’s name. Much to Maggie’s satisfaction, Jason promises her that he’ll watch over Jimmy.

Ben and Jenny record Carol and Maggie doing chores. They stop when Jenny says Ben’s family is boring.

We then get a bad meta joke.

Ben replies back with how he bets, if his family was a TV show, millions of people would watch it.
Get it? Get it? Get it?

They leave to go interview Jimmy, again.

While interviewing Jimmy, Ben asks why he wanted to be a handyman. Jimmy goes into how he’s lived many lives on the Earth and he’s always a handyman.

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Not really sure how that answers the question but whatever.

Carol brings up how it’s chore day and Jason coincidentally waited till today to write his article. Maggie agrees and her and Carol decide they’ll do the same thing next chore day.

Suddenly, exhaust shoots out of the vent, because of Jimmy working on the furnace.

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3 points for Maggie.

While painting, Boner was hit too.

Jason comes out of his office, covered in the stuff Maggie continues pleading to do something about Jimmy, At the perfect time, Mike and Boner come down, seeing as Boner isn’t suppose to be there. Jason doesn’t really care seeing as they have “bigger fish to fry” and Jason and Maggie go to talk to Jimmy. Boner agrees to stay, if he can have some fish. Mike, obviously, agrees.

After, when asked, explaining that the exhaust shooting through the vents was just a mistake, Jimmy explains that the problem might be a pressure leak and he has a gage that can fix it. While he goes to get that, Maggie and Jason converse. Then the washing machine, that Jimmy fixed, goes crazy.

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4 points for Maggie

Meanwhile, in Mike’s room, Mike hands Boner this tool that allows him to just spray the paint on the wall.

Jason’s working on his article, while Maggie comes in to vacuum. Then the power goes out. Jason didn’t save any of his progress, all 28 pages, so he has to start all over.

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Serves him right! 5 points for Maggie.

Jimmy says through the vents that he’ll have the power back up soon. Boner thinks it’s God, until Mike tells him it’s just Jimmy and then Boner thinks Mike just calls God Jimmy. They try to get their little device working. They don’t know the power is down, which kinda doesn’t make any sense if you think about it. They end up getting sprayed in the face when the power is back up.

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Pretty much everyone is in the living and decides Jimmy needs to go. Jason goes to talk to Jimmy.

Jason is in the basement with Jimmy. He tries to break it easily to him by comparing him to Muhammad Ali, just as Maggie brought up earlier.

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Boner and Mike come downstairs. Mike has to wash Boner’s clothes, so Boner’s wearing Carol’s pink robe. Jenny starts playing some of the footage and it’s there it’s revealed that Ben was actually behind pretty much everything, besides obviously the memory loss.

Because of that, Maggie’s at 2 points and Jason’s at 3, he wins.

Maggie goes downstairs to stop Jason.

We’re at the POV of the camera again and everyone is wishing off Jimmy. They also gave him a pie and told him he’s welcome anytime.

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Then Ben wraps up his video project.

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Final scene: Mike is painting his room just as Jason calls him for dinner. Jason peaks his head through Mike’s door, just as Mike brings the brush over in his direction (accidentally) smearing paint all over his face.

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And That’s the Point

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