Season 2, Episode 22, “Confidentially Yours”

Within the first shot of the season finale, you might think you were slipped Acid, but you’re seeing this right. I don’t know how to describe it.

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The Seavers are at the announcement of The Pulitzer Prize, but as soon as Maggie’s name is called, everyone starts laughing, including her family.

Maggie wakes up and Maggie starts attacking Jason. He calms her down and she tells him about the dream. She asks what it could mean and he says it could be a reflection about how she doesn’t think of herself as a good reporter, which she finds ridiculous.

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Jason is in his office with a patient.

There’s something we haven’t seen in a while.

That finishes up and Jason checks his messages. He’s gotten one from Maggie saying that Max Drummond offered her a job writing for The New York. Max wants Maggie and Jason to have dinner with him and his wife.

Maggie and Jason are about to leave for their dinner with Max and his wife in Manhattan. Maggie is still questioning her dream and what it means. They leave and now Mike, Carol, and Ben are left alone.

What can possibly go wrong? Oh, you can only imagine.

Ben runs into the kitchen shouting, “Ice Cream!” Meanwhile, Carol tells Mike not leave his shoes lying around and throws them to him. She misses and accidentally knocks over the lamp, breaking it.

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It gets worse.

Maggie and Jason arrive at the restaurant and meet Max.

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Soon after, Max’s wife, Margo, joins them. She and Jason know each other, but we don’t know why until Max asks Maggie to dance, which she does. Turns out Margo is a patient of Jason. He didn’t know because she used her maiden name.

I thought they had dated.

In her sessions, Margo talks about how her husband has cheated on her with other women. This makes Jason realize Max doesn’t want Maggie because of her writing. He wants her to sleep with her.

But the problem is that Jason can’t say anything to Maggie, because this type of information is suppose to remain between the Psychologist and the patient.
Pretty interesting dynamic, I must stay.

Back at the house, Carol, Mike, and Ben are gluing the lamp back together.

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At first Ben and Mike don’t want to help clean up, but then Carol convinces them with how easily she would be able to blame the whole thing on them.

Smart thinking Carol. Even though it was your fault, but to think of it, If Mike didn’t leave his shoes on the couch, none of this would’ve ever happened.

We cut back to the restaurant. Jason and Max are still dancing and Jason still can’t say anything.

Carol is putting the fixed lamp back on the table. She tells Ben to move, so she clean the table, but he can’t, because he’s glued to the table.

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They’re really screwed now.

Mike rips Ben off the table, but he ends up taking some of the table with them.

Maggie and Max return from dancing and brings up all the Pulitzer Prize writers that write for his paper, which obviously really appeals to Maggie. Max leaves to go talk to The Chef. Maggie asks Jason what does he think she should do. He says she shouldn’t make a decision tonight and he can’t really be all that helpful, given the circumstances.

Carol and Ben are wondering what they’re going to do, when Mikes come in with “the answer to their prayers The Electric Sander.” Carol and Ben don’t think it’s a good idea, but Mike conveniences them. He plugs it in an it immediately starts smoking. Mike goes into unplug it, but it cuts a hole through the table, and when Mike’s unplugging it, the cord hits the table with the broken lamp on it. Carol goes into save it, but she fails miserably.

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Back at dinner, Max goes into the hard news that Maggie reports on. That’s interesting since Maggie doesn’t report on any hard news. This is when she realizes Max hasn’t read any of her stuff and declines his job offer. On the elevator, after saying bye to Max and Margot, Maggie goes into how Max wanted nothing more with her then to sleep with her.

She’s right!

Jason reassures her that she is a good writer and she agrees with him. This whole experience gave her more confidence.

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Back at the house, the lamp got fixed, again. All their money put together, they have enough to buy a new coffee table, which Ben and Mike will get in the morning. Jason and Maggie come home and soon wish the kids good night. Before going upstairs Jason throws his keys on the table with glued lamp, which causes the table to break thus breaking the lamp. At the same time Ben falls through the coffee table hole that he was covering.

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It all came crashing down.

This episode was interesting. What was going on with Mike, Ben and Carol was entertaining. The dynamic with Jason, Maggie, Max and Margot was interesting.

And That’s the Point.

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