Season 2

Season 2 of Growing Pains was definitely an improvement.

They’ve given Carol a steady boyfriend, with Bobby.

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It isn’t like Mike in how we see him with a different a different (or girls in some cases).

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Maybe that’s just because Mike hasn’t found a right girl for him. It just seems like non committal is his character.

Speaking of Mike, he seems to have grown as a character.I say seems because, we haven’t seen any of Mike’s promise to take his school work more seriously.

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I know the opportunity hasn’t called for itself, but you know these writers when it comes to consistency. I’m still waiting for Ben’s dog to pop up.

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It’s never gonna happen.

Ben’s role doesn’t really to have really changed. Sure, there are episodes where he’s the main focus. The problem is most of the time it still just seems like he’s there to just deliver smart alec remarks. He’s still amusing at times though.

Maggie is definitely better. Maggie isn’t so sweet and sickening. She still has the problem of getting too neurotic.

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Jason’s also better. Alan Thicke doesn’t come off as such an asshole that he use to.

The writing is still a bit flimsy. There are still the problems of the episode’s conflict being able to be solved much earlier than it is. The writers have gone to bigger and bolder places with the Cocaine episode.

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So it has improved. Usually with some of the episodes even if they’re not good, the plot is at least interesting.

Now I head into Season 3. There’s only five seasons left. I know it seems like a lot, but this has been going by pretty fast. Hopefully by the time I’m doing the Season 3 Recap, my problems I said here are eradicated.

I highly doubt that.

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