Season 3, Episode 1 “Aloha: Part 1”

The Seavers are in Hawaii this week, and to be honest, so far, it’s pretty boring.

“Aloha” starts and the Seavers are stranded in sea because of a broken down boat.

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Jason opted out and got the cheaper one. Pretty much everyone is getting testy at one another. Jason whips out his Ukulele to try and help.

Surprisingly, it doesn’t really work.

Jason reminds everyone about how excited they were to come here and we cut back to the decision when they picked this over Florida.

Maggie breaks it to him that no one really wanted to come here and would’ve rather stayed home and do their own thing. Mike says he was excited, but not at first, as Carol brought up, when Jason presented the idea to them and we cut back to that. Jason gives the family the option of going to Disney-world or Hawaii.

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I’d rather go to Disney World.

The problem is no one, besides Ben and Jason, want to go. Carol wants to spend time with Bobby. Mike wants to hang out with Eddie and Boner. Maggie would rather work. Jason leaves to go answer a phone call from his patient. Ben, as suggested by Maggie, goes to eat his Ice Cream in the living room. Maggie suggests, to Carol and Mike, that they should go to Disney World, because it’s cheaper and only a two-hour flight, so Maggie could get back to office. Maggie and Carol leave, and Mike starts looking at a brochere for Hawaii. He sees all the women he could meet and decides to change his mind. He gets Ben to vote for Hawaii, by at first showing him all the women, but Ben’s more interested in all the horses. Doesn’t matter, Mike still got what he wanted.Carol at first isn’t up for the idea. She’d rather be as close to Bobby as she can. He gets Carol to vote for Hawaii by promising her he’ll get her out of the trip altogether.

Carol shares the news to Bobby and he’s thrilled.

Voting time comes and Maggie is shocked that everyone voted for Hawaii but goes along with it.

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We cut back to the present and Jason, to have a good time for everyone, goes swimming. He quickly gets out once Ben spots a Shark, but it isn’t even a shark.

There’s really no point for this other than serving as a transition. Plus we have to see Jason’s bare chest, so that’s not good.

Mike points out that Jason has been pretty oblivious since they got there.

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Mike sees this hula girl and starts pursuing her. He joins her tour group and she promised to take him on a tour of the island, but he’s missing it, because they’re stuck on the boat. Carol things he deserved it for saying he could get her out of the trip. All he did was ask Maggie and she said no. She can’t get Bobby’s call, and she thinks Bobby will think that Carol met another guy and is cheating on Bobby. Maggie comes over to tell them to stop being so gloomy. Mike and Carol don’t think she’s really giving up anything, but turns out she lost out on part 2 of her series, about Nuclear Power, to this new reporter after her job. She admits, when Jason’s asleep, she goes into the bathroom and writes. Jason overhears and gets mad about how no one wants to spend any quality time as a family.

This is where things get more interesting.

Jason picks up a towel and something, from the towel, drops on the floor and it’s the spark plug to the boat. Turns out Jason pulled it out himself, so they’d be stranded and spend more time together.

After the spark plug is put back in, they make their way back to the hotel.

No one wants to go to dinner with Jason. Ben ordered room service. Mike’s off seeing that hula girl. Carol’s waiting for Bobby to call. Maggie is working.

Jason heads down to dinner and Ben’s room service gets there.

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Turns out the person serving it, Hadley, is good looking and smart, as he points out the book Carol is reading. He brings up how he’s studying History at Yale, in the fall. This really impresses Carol and sparks her interest.

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 6.02.45 PM

As it does mind.

Mike meets with the hula girl and she gives him the tour. We get some good shots of Hawaii and Mike and her stop at a grave yard. She says they’re going to heaven.

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 6.02.57 PM

This is when I flashed back and remembered watching this episode, as a kid, on Nick @ Nite.

Anyway, to be continued comes on the screen. We gotta wait till next week to see what happens.

Like I said earlier, this episode was pretty boring. Didn’t really that interesting until pretty much the end, but that means next week’s could be good.

And That’s the point.

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