Season 3, Episode 2, “Aloha: Part 2”

This week, we conclude the Seavers’ trip to Hawaii.

But first a recap of last week’s boring episode.

The episode starts with Mike and Melia walking and talking on the beach. They realize the strong connection they have in only spending a little time together.

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They share a long kiss and go swimming in the ocean.

We cut to Jason, who’s at the restaurant, alone. Then Maggie shows up and they role play by using fake names and acting like they’ve never met.

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Mike and Melia left the beach, and Melia is showing Mike his home. She lives with her mother, grandfather, grandmother and uncle. Mike’s surprised that she has no interest in finding a place of her own. Turns out she has a daughter to, which makes Mike realize the situation he’s gotten himself into.

Jason and Maggie return to the room and they’re getting feisty. Suddenly, the phone rings. Carroll jumps out of bed to answer it, because she thinks it’s Bobby. Turns out, it’s Maggie’s boss. She wants Maggie to come back to do an interview about her story, which has been really popular, so Maggie’s gonna leave.

We cut to Mike coming home and Jason is on the couch eating sloppily. Mike tells Jason about the situation. Jason tells him all about being responsible.

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The next morning, Carol goes out in the hotel pool with the hopes of running into Hadley, which she does. He said today was his day off.

Ben and Jason take Maggie to the airport and say their emotional goodbyes.

This is good because it’s showing how part of the overall plot of the show (Maggie going back to work) affects the story in this one.

Ben and Jason are leaving and suddenly Bobby shows up.


He flew out to surprise Carol.


We cut back to Mike who’s going to talk to Melia. She’s a little mad at first, but then she’s okay once her and Mike talk some.

Hadley’s putting suntan lotion on Carol and Bobby shows up. He sees Hadley.

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 10.24.32 PMHadley nicely introduces himself. Bobby acts like he’ll do the same, but he just throws Hadley in the pool. Then Carol pushes Bobby into the water.

Jason cancels his reservations for, for five, the luau. He then retracts and makes two when Ben still wants to go.

Ben and Jason are on their way to the luau when they see Bobby all sad about what happened with Carol. Jason invites him to the luau, which he goes.

They’re at the luau and get a table for three. Then they need one for Carol when she shows up. It’s a running gag that they need to keep getting a bigger table as more people show up. Bobby and Carol talk. Bobby just acted the way he did, because he’s scared of losing her. He considers Carol to be beautiful and quite a catch. Carol is ecstatic to hear this as she considered Bobby to be the catch. They make up and join the others.
Mike comes by and brings Melia’s daughter. Melia’s working.

Mike’s really showing responsibility here. I like this side of him. Hopefully it sticks once we get back to Long Island.

Maggie shows up and turns out she quit her job. She realized family was more important. They all enjoy the luau together.

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 10.25.21 PM

The episode ends with video (that we’ve already seen) of their trip with music playing over it.

And That’s the Point.

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