Growing Pains, Season 3, Episode 3 “Taking Care of Business”

The episode begins with Mike, just having gotten home, looking for Maggie and Jason to talk about his work status. Carol and Ben are walking a talk show of people who are men who deep down have always actually seen themselves as women.

That’s pretty much all Ben and Carol are good for this entire episode.

Mike comes into the kitchen and tells Maggie and Jason that he’s quit his job at the car wash and has gotten a job at, as a salesman.

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There’s no actual wage. How it works is that Mike gets 10% profit of everything he sells. Boner also got a job there. Jason and Maggie decide to let Mike give it a try. Mike has to go to make sure he’s not late. Punctuality is important, according to the manager, Andrew Delish.

Wait… Delish? That’s right, Mike’s manager is no one than Jerry “Dog Killer” Delish.


As Mike explains, To Jason, as he’s getting ready, Jerry changed his name as the first step of turning his life around. Hearing this, Jason still lets Mike take the job.

Maggie’s making dinner and in comes Ben. He asks her if she was always a woman. He’s shocked to hear that she says no, but she said no because she was a little girl. Jason comes in talking it up how impressed with Andrew’s philosophy. Then Carol comes in say she never thought that Maggie was ever a man.

There’s really no point to this scene, other than give Carol and Ben something to do.

Mike is at his job Stereo Village, with Boner.

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He sees both Maggie and Jason, who spying on him. Then we see Andrew. Andrew introduces himself. He apologizes to all the trouble her use to get Mike into.

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Jason and Maggie leave, proud of their son, just as Mike’s telling someone not to buy a bad product.

Mikes comes home having just gotten his first commission. Due to his being a great salesman, it’s a lot. He bought everyone gifts. Jason is the most interesting. It’s the mini TV he told the customer earlier not to buy. Jason is shocked to see Mike using the “bait and switch” model. This means the seller tells the customer a product isn’t so good, even if it is, just so they’ll pay for something more expensive.

Thanks god, something happened!

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The next scene Jason is explaining to Maggie what Mike is doing. She is just as shocked as he was and wants to talk to Andrew.

Jason goes up to Mikes room to further talk to him about this. After hearing all the reasons this is bad, Mike is surprised to learn that Jason won’t make him quit and that Mike himself should think he has to quit. Mike doesn’t listen to him and heads to work.

Boner redirects a just married couple to another store, where the same thing they wanted is being sold at a better price. Mike pulls him aside to explain why it was wrong of him, just as Andrew calls Mike into his office.

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Andrew has been extremely pleased with how Mike has been doing, but Boner? Not so much. He wants Mike to fire Boner.

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Mike goes out there and is about to talk to Boner, but then someone comes in looking for a Thunderclap 2 System, a very expensive sound system. He decides to let Boner take care of it. Boner comes back and turns out he didn’t sell it, since the store is having a sale on it next week. Boner explains his reasoning for treating the customers the way he does and Mike realizes Jason was right. He tells Andrew he quits and takes Boner with him. Right as he’s about to leave, Mike tells everyone that Senior Stereo has all the stuff they have but for cheaper. Then he leaves with Boner.

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End scene: Mike comes home and right as he’s about to go upstairs, Jason comes home. No dialogue is said. The two just hug and all is well.

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Nice to see Mike show responsibility in this episode. Makes me think that wasn’t just for one episode.

And That’s the Point.

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  1. How is that bait and switch? It’s not bait is switch is when you use bait to get people in the store then when they get their you do not have the item and you switch it with some thing eles

    • I just going by what the show was referring to it, but that’s a good point. It’s still not good what Mike was doing there, but they’ve could’ve preferred to it in a different way.

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