Growing Pains, Season 3, Episode 4, “Not Necessarily the News”

This episode is Maggie centric. It’s annoying.

The episode starts with Jason just having finished up with a patient, with dilemma.

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It’s interesting because this just seems like a throw away segment reminding us that Jason is a Physiatrist, but Maggie is actually going through dilemma throughout this episode. I’m not sure if was intentional or anything, but interesting nonetheless. Jason goes over to see if there are any messages on the answering machine.

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There are messages regarding jobs Maggie (now unemployed) applied for. Turns out she’s either over qualified or another problem. Maggie comes home and (through Jason) becomes aware of the messages. She gets depressed. Her old boss did call in what she thinks is an offer for her old job, but Maggie doesn’t want to go back. That would make look weak trying to get her old job after she quit. Jason assures her that the right opportunity will come.

Jason, Carol, and Ben come home. They get into talking about Maggie’s work status. Carol thinks she should work, while Mike and Ben doesn’t see why she needs to. Carol explains her reasoning about she wants to feel vital, but Mike and Ben still don’t see the point.

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I side more with Carol on this. If a woman wants to have a job (outside of home), that’s great. If she just wants to be a stay at home mom, that’s great too.

Later that night Maggie is perfecting her resume. She changed it because SHE CAPITALIZED HER NAME AND THOUGHT THAT REFLECTED SELF IMPORTANCE. She’s losing it. Jason tries to kick some sense into her, but it doesn’t work so he goes upstairs. Ben comes and talks with her. He brings up how he doesn’t want her to be all sad. This works because the next morning, Maggie’s figured out what she wants to do.

Thank God!

Maggie has reverted back to being a stay at home mom. She has made big breakfasts for everyone. This is great, at first. Then she assigns chores to everyone. Since this is her life now, the house is going to be in tip top shape.

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The next scene sees Jason finishing up with a patient that leaves angrily. Due to the big breakfast, Jason fell asleep during the session. After the patient leaves, Jason sees a big meal Maggie has prepared and decides he can’t take it anymore.

It’s been not even a day.

Jason convinces Maggie she needs a job and that she isn’t happy being a stay at home mom. She goes and gets her old job back.

Jason goes to the office to meet with her boss. Turns out it wasn’t about wanting her back, it was just about collecting her stuff she left at the office.

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Womp. Womp. Womp.

Mike, Carol, and Ben are trying to fulfill the chores enlisted by Maggie, but they’re failing miserably. Suddenly, Maggie comes home, but she doesn’t really pay much attention to them and just goes inside.

Maggie explains the situation to Jason and he convinces her to go to that interview at Channel 6.

Maggie comes to the station and when she’s waiting for the interview to start, she realizes who she really is and goes in with confidence into her interview. She hasn’t done any of things the boss asks her: written for TV news or radio and no broadcast experience. She does, however, fill the other requirements he’s looking for: someone who knows who they’re, will do a good job and will stick around for a while.

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He offers her the job and she takes it. It’s weird how the scene plays out. It doesn’t really register until she’s leaves the boss’ office. Then she comes back into confirm. Suddenly, the news anchor, Shana, goes into labor.

The rest of the family is back at home. Ben answers a phone call and it’s Maggie telling them to turn on the TV to channel 19. They do and they see Maggie, as a reporter, covering the story of the news anchor going into labor. Everyone else had to do different jobs, so she got to fill in. The Seavers are overjoyed and glad to see Maggie happy again.

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And That’s the Point.

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