Season 3, Episode 5, “Michaelgate”

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The episode starts with Mike dicking around in Matt class, not caring at all about what the teacher is saying.

So much for growth.

The teacher wants to see Mike after class to review what he has missed. Mike can’t because he’s got to do the same for another teacher. That goes for the next day, day after that, etc. The principal comes furious needing to talk to Mike. Outside the classroom, the principal asks how Mike is in the running for Student Body President. Something Mike just found out himself.

Later at the Seaver household, Carol is in disbelief of how Mike got nominated. Maggie and Jason try to convince Carol to be happy for Mike, but it doesn’t work.

Mike, Eddie, and Boner are in the kitchen. Mike still can’t believe that he got nominated. He gets a phone call from The Schwartz Twins and Cidney Bauer offering to help with Mike’s campaign. From this, seeing as how girls are Mike’s Kryptonite, he decides that he will run.

The next day, each of the candidates, Mike and Robert Jordans, are given a chance to speak to get their classmates’ votes. Robert Jordans is pretty much perfect. He’s the recipient of The Perfect Attendance Award, Captain of the Varsity Football Team and 3 Time Member of the Honor Roll. Then there’s Mike, who’s first up to speak. He has his cheerleader team, The Schwartz Twins and Cidney Bauer, come up and do a cheer. Then he talks about how his classmates can overlook everything Mike represents and vote for him.

Really not much of a speech.

Jordan’s isn’t much.

He pretty much spends his whole grilling Mike. He ends with bringing up how horrible of a candidate Mike would be that his own sister, who’s holding a Jordan sign, wouldn’t even vote for him. This really embarrasses Mike and Carol feels bad about it. Carol is sitting next to Richie.

Richie was in another episode. He’s in love with Carol.

From talking with Richie, Carol learns that Jordan has a few friends on the nominating committee, and that’s why Mike got nominated in the first place. He was just an easy opponent.

Maggie comes home, and upon talking to Jason and Ben, is disappointed no one watched her news cast. Ben’s working on posters for Mike’s campaign, while Eddie, Boner, and Mike are working on it in the kitchen. Mike sends Eddie and Boner out to make 600 copies of a campaign poster and stuff it in everyone’s locker. Ben comes in with his posters, but he messed them up because they say “I Lick Mike” instead of “I Like Mike.” Maggie and Jason come in, and Maggie reads Mike’s speech. To her, it’s really honest and shows that he cares. Mike’s in it more for to stomp Jordan’s face into the ground.

The next day, The Student Body President is going to be announced. Boner’s going to check the returns. Now there’s someone named Pee Wee Herman in the running.

That’s weird.

Mike’s not keeping up at first, but when Boner checks 12th grade, Mike has more votes. Sure enough, when the first is announced, it’s Mike. Jordan can’t believe it.

Later that night, at the Seaver home, the family is celebrating, except Carol. She comes in and gets mad at Mike. Then Mike and Carol’s principal shows up and wants to talk to Jason and Maggie. Carol knows what it’s about and admits to Mike that she rigged the election by hacking into the school system. She was Pee Wee Herman. She gave Mike votes that weren’t even real people. Jason comes out furious. First Mike takes the blame. Then Carol takes it. Jason says whoever did it is gonna be grounded for a long and they point at each other.

The next day at school, Mike announces that the election was rigged and he’s disqualified. Now Boner’s the president, since he was VP to Mike. Jordan was disqualified by cheating with having friends in the nominating committee.

And That’s the Point.

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