Season 3, Episode 7, “A Star is Born”

“A Star is Born.” Oh indeed it is.

This episode starts with Maggie doing a crossword puzzle and Jason saying his distaste for them. Ben comes in. He, a 6th grade, just got a part in Carol and Mike’s high school’s production of “Our Town.” Maggie and Jason are really impressed. They seemingly get less impressed when they hear he only has one line, “morning, do you want your paper?” He’s a 6th grader that got a role in a high school play. Isn’t that enough. You’d expect the part to be bigger than that. He only got the part because he went to rehearsal with Carol and they needed a kid. Ben leaves and Carol comes in complaining about how Monica Shackleford “called in a few favors” and now Carol doesn’t have the lead. She says it doesn’t matter because the play is ruined because Mike got the lead role (and Monica’s love interest).

Carol brings up how Mike doesn’t care about the actual play they’re doing, and just wants to get close to Monica. She isn’t wrong and this proceeds Jason to tell Mike it was wrong of Mike to take that role, just for a girl, when they’re people actually interested in theater.

While I agree with Jason, it doesn’t make any sense in this situation.

Jason brings this up after hearing that only two people tried out for the part, Mike and Joey Scoff Agario. Only thing is Joey Scoff Agario was in a full body cast. He sure as hell wasn’t getting cast, so who did Mike exactly take this part away from?

At first I thought the only reason only two people auditioned and one of them was in a full body, was because Monica “called in a few favors” and made sure Mike got that, because she likes him but nothing like that ever happens.

In the living room, Boner is helping Mike practice, because Mike wants Monica to believe he actually cares about doing this play and not just a way to get her. Boner’s also in the play.

Later that night, in the living room, Emily is there, practicing with Mike. As Mike’s reading his lines he gets closer and closer to Monica. He kisses her without even finishing all his lines.


Monica just thinks it was a creative choice and loves it. This is Mike’s plan. Just to cut himself off with the kiss, so he doesn’t have to memorize all of his lines.

This doesn’t work out too well, as shown in a montage of practices for the play. The Gym Coach, who’s directing this play, is making sure all the lines get memorized. He even gets frustrated with Mike, who doesn’t know all his lines.

The montage ends and we see Mike returning home, late. Jason meets him at the door and they start talking. Mike is home late because he was “rehearsing.” Actually he and Monica was in Mike’s car. Jason brings up how Mike should be more focused and how Carol said Mike doesn’t even know his lines, yet.

It’s the final dress rehearsal and Monica is getting frustrated with Mike that he doesn’t know his lines too well. Everyone exits the stage, but the coach and Mike. The coach tells Mike he doesn’t mean to be so hard on, but he wants to prove all the naysayers wrong who say he can’t do a good job directing this play. He also brings up the 1,000 people that will be watching.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is, what I believe, the turning point to be.

It’s the night of the first performance and two hours until curtain. Mike and Boner are going over Mike’s lines, which he still doesn’t get. Boner tells Mike, that in case Boner forgets his lines, he has a tape recording with him saying the lines that he’ll sync his lips up to.

Genius plan, right?

Mike’s thought the plan to try and fake a broken leg to get out of the play.

Boner leaves and Maggie and Jason come in. Maggie tries to make Mike less nervous, but, of course, ends up making him more nervous. Jason assures Mike that he and his mom will be rooting for them. Carol comes in stressing they all have to go. Carol, Ben, and Maggie go out to the car, while Jason goes upstairs to finish getting ready.

We’re at Dewey High and we got 5 minutes till the play. The coach is describing some small last minute changes to play. The funny thing is he describes it like  th Carol’s friend, Richie, comes out and describes the setting. The curtain opens and so far, the play is a disaster.

It’s great.

A stage hand is on stage, when he’s not suppose to. The light is on too high, which blinds the actors. A banner comes down the wrong way. Carol does fine with her part.

We have Mike backstage, worrying that he’s gonna mess up.

Boner’s part comes on. He, of course, forgets his lines, and tries to do his tape recorder trick. It’s noticeable, but it does it’s part. Until music comes on and he just starts rocking out to it on stage. Ben’s up next and he messes up. He says, “do you want your elbow now?”. He screams and runs off stage.

It’s hilarious.

With the whole play pretty much being a complete failure, it’s up to Mike to save it. He gets onstage and much to everyone’s surprise, he’s great. He knows pretty much all his line and delivers them very natural. He really embodies the character. The play ends with an eruptious applause. Monica hugs Mike and is so proud. He asks why he didn’t do that well in rehearsal, but he doesn’t know.

Maggie and Jason congratulate Carol and Ben. They look for Mike and find him out in the back, outside the school. He says he doesn’t know what happened. He’s just found something he’s naturally good at and enjoys doing. Maggie and Jason congratulate Mike and tell him they’ve never been more proud of him. They go inside and we one last shot of Mike looking in the sky and seeing a shooting star. Then he heads back inside as well.

This is an episode that got better as it went on. I really didn’t care about it at first. Then it got to the play and was hilarious because of how much of a disaster it was. Nice to see some actual growth from Mike.

And That’s the Point.

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