Season 3, Episode 8, “Gone But Not Forgotten”

This week on Growing Pains, the Seavers get robbed, and Maggie’s pretty annoying in this episode.

The Seavers return from Maggie’s birthday dinner. One of her presidents (unknown who gave it to her) is a vacuum.

That’s kinda weird.

She sees the light off in the living room and thinks it’s a surprise party for her. The other Seavers try to convince her that it’s not and they don’t know why the lights are off. Maggie walks in (still thinking it’s a surprise party) with her hands covering her eyes. Jason turns on the lights and they’ve been robbed.

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Jason calls the police and Maggie goes over to the coffee pot and sees that the robbers actually had some coffee. She feels the mug and it’s still hot, which gives them the idea that they’re still here.

They wait for the police, in the car. Then something truly terrifying happens. A birthday clown comes out of nowhere and scares them off.

I’m being 100% serious.

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Turns out this is another surprise for Maggie and the clown was suppose to be dressed up as Humphrey Bogart. He was also suppose to show up at 9.

But that’s also Jason’s fault for forgetting.

The police finally shows up and the cop has a look around the house. The Seavers are wondering why he’s not dusting for fingerprints, but he explains that’s only for if someone was kidnapped or murdered. This burglary is also considered a minor crime because of that. This doesn’t sit well with Maggie.

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We’re reminded of this, by her, multiple times.

The cop is about to leave, but Ben is begging him to stay. The cop reassures him by saying, “Don’t worry, they won’t come back, tonight.” That “tonight” really sticks with Ben.

Maggie and Jason are in their, with Maggie making sure she has everything down that was stolen. Then Ben comes in wanting to sleep with them. He’s followed by Carol then Mike. They all try to sleep, but they can’t, with the exception of Ben.

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Jason suggests going in the living room to talk, so they do that. They’re all in the living room trying to talk about how this is affecting them, but it’s not really working because Carol and Mike are getting mad at each other. Jason goes into the kitchen, where Maggie is in there making coffee. Well she was gonna do, but then she got caught up cleaning. Jason talks to her and convinces her to come into the living room and talk about everything. Suddenly they hear Ben scream and everyone rushes upstairs.

They check on Ben and turns out he screamed because he woke up and nobody was there.

Everyone goes back downstairs to talk.

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They bring up how they scared and they don’t feel safe in their own home. Everyone brings up solutions to make the house safer. Maggie proposes a burglar alarm

Makes sense.

Mike shoots that down. Then he brings up the idea of getting guns. Carol thinks it’s a stupid idea and says her idea, which is the worst by far. She says that should just not have any possessions to get stolen. Jason takes and runs with it. He brings up a scenario with them all in the living owning nothing, except for rags to use as clothing. So having nothing will make them secure and happy, because this way they’ll feel safe. His point is that they just need to feel secure and happy. If they don’t then that’s exactly what the burglar wants. They decide to go to breakfast. As everyone is getting ready to go, Jason walks outside and hears Police sirens, knowing not to be afraid as he walks inside.

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Nice ending. A haunting way to finish it.

And That’s the Point.

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