Growing Pains, Season 3, Episode 9, “Who’s Zoomin Who”

Carol’s friends come up to her, in school, asking if she wants to go watch the Basketball players practice. She doesn’t see the point in that and besides she’s helping Bobby study for an English test. They tell Carol that, recently, her relationship with him has gotten boring. She insists that there’s still a lot of passion in it. They’re creating a long and meaningful relationship. She says, “if mr. perfect were to walk up to me right now, i’d say i’m taken.” As she’s leaving, she runs into, you guessed it, mr. perfect, and she says, “i’m taken,” while totally taking an interest to him.

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Carol and the new guy, Jeffery are walking up to her driveway, and you’ll see that the Jeffery is played by Brad Pitt. He’s talking about how he’s just moved here and change is good, which really sets well with Carol, since she wants to make the change from Bobby to this new guy. Jeffery also brings up Rebel Without a Cause and how he relates to James Dean in that film.

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Now what does this say about Carol? What if she did move onto this new guy. She’d eventually want a change from him.

From the kitchen, Ben’s spying on Carol. Ben’s interested because he’s not Bobby. Jason tells him to stop it, but then gets interested himself, but still tells Ben to cut it out.

Brad Pitt leaves and tells Carol, “for what it’s worth, i’m really glad I bumped into today,” which just makes Carol ecstatic. “Yo, Carol!” shouts Bobby.

Well it’s actually Mike.

From what he sees, Mike thinks Carol is gonna two-time Bobby, but Carol assures Mike that she and Brad Pitt are just friends. Mike’s not so sure.

Carol in her room and Maggie comes in to tell Carol that Bobby’s downstairs. She doesn’t seem so enthusiastic about it, so Maggie tries to see what’s wrong. Carol asks Maggie if she believes in fate and provides this example of Maggie seeing these pair of shoes and thinking it was faint that brought her to this shoe store. The example goes horribly wrong and Carol doesn’t get anywhere.

Carol and Bobby are studying in the kitchen. Carol’s friends appear on each side of her head and they’re both talking down Bobby.

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Bobby asks Carol if she wants to go to a movie tomorrow. Carol’s surprise, because they never go to the movies on a weekday. She’s totally into it though, because as Bobby points out, it’s different.

The next day at school, Jefferey comes up to Carol and asks her if she wants to go and see Rebel Without Cause at the revival theater.

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Carol friends appear next to her head, again, and convince her to say yes. He leaves then Bobby comes. Carol needlessly starts picking fights with Bobby and they decide they need to see “a little less of each other.”

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Maggie and Jason are talking about the breakup. Maggie thinks Bobby’s a jerk for dumping her, when as Jason points out, it seemed like a mutual breakup. He’s defending Bobby. Maggie thinks he’s being insensitive, but, as Jason points out, Carol didn’t seem that upset over the whole thing.

Carol and Jeffrey are at the movies.

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Here comes the fallout.

Turns out Jefferey planned meeting Carol, for the first time. It wasn’t fate like Carol thought. He just wanted to date her, because he thought she was the most popular girl in school, since she dated Bobby. Jeffrey insults Bobby and Carol elbows him.

Carol comes home from her date. Jason is ready to be sensitive with her. She comes in, admits how horrible she is for how she treated Bobby, and sulks in Maggie’s arms.

The next day at school, Carol runs into Bobby ready to apologize, but turns out Bobby is going out with Debby.

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Serves you right Carol.

Carol comes home from school and starts ranting to Jason how horrible it is of Bobby to do this to her. Even though, as Ben points out, Carol did the same thing to Bobby.

Bobby comes in the front door of the house, with Mike. Bobby just wants to get his stuff. Carol comes in and sees them. The two talk. Bobby is understanding of how Carol is curious about other people, since he’s the only guy she’s ever dated.

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The two make up and kiss, just as Maggie and Jason come in talking about how to look on the bright side, with Carol and Bobby’s relationship ending.

That was quick.

And That’s the Point

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