Season 3, Episode 10, “This Is Your Life”

The Seavers are having Chinese Food. This is at Ben’s request because he’s having his tonsils out. He’s scared something will go wrong and he’ll die, but Maggie and Jason reassure him that he’ll be fine.

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It’s the next day and Ben is about to go into surgery. Jason’s going through the steps of the operation to calm Ben down.

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When Maggie and Jason are talking to the doctor, Ben tries to get free and “use the bathroom.”

Yeah, “bathroom.”

The doctor stops him in time and Ben heads into surgery.

Ben’s, in the operating room, being put to sleep. The doctor tells him that naming their favorite TV shows helps his patients go to sleep. One of the shows Ben names is Who’s the Boss.

Which just reminded me that I’d rather be watching that show.

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Then Ben falls asleep and starts hallucinating. He escapes the hospital bed and then runs into The Skipper from Gilligan’s Island. He’s actually just a taxi driver, who’s going to drive Ben around, but they do end up making that joke, because they’re both played by the same actor Alan Hale Jr.

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Ben’s in the taxi driver’s car and the taxi driver suggests go to Ben’s house, so Ben can get some clothes.

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After packing, Ben goes downstairs and see his family proud of a kid they call Ben, who just got his Tonsils out, but it’s not Ben.

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Ben tries to get the attention of his family, but they don’t notice him. The Seavers and the other Ben go into the kitchen for ice cream.

Jason and Maggie continue saying how proud they are for Ben’s bravery during the operation. This Ben is pretty much the perfect version of Ben. Things that Mike would normally get mad at Ben for doing doesn’t apply here. The other Ben suggests they should all play a game together. As the other Seavers go into the living room, Ben keeps shouting how he’s the real Ben, but the other Ben replies, “not anymore!”

The real Ben runs upstairs to confront the other Ben.

In their room, the real Ben finds out he brought this on himself, when he said “I don’t want to be a Seaver,” at the hospital, earlier. Thus he was replaced.

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He tries to punch the fake Ben, but he suddenly ends up in the kitchen and it’s night. They’re having Chinese food, again. It’s here Ben finds out, from the other Ben, that if he goes to the hospital, he can be a Seaver, again.

He tries to get The Skipper to take him back, but he only does one way trips. It’s his company policy. Ben steals the taxi and makes his way back to the hospital.

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Ben finds the doctor. Like his family, the doctor doesn’t notice him.

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Ben climbs on to a gurney leaving the room and it cuts to him coming out of surgery.

He says he’s sorry and proud to be a Seaver. He also starts going through his hallucination, because he’s surprised to be himself again. The rest of the Seavers don’t really know what’s he’s talking about, but they go with it.

Then easily my favorite part of the episode: the ending.

Ben sees the other Ben. Only he’s actually a real kid, not a hallucination and is terrified when Ben wants to kill him, so much so that the rest of the Seavers have to hold him down.

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And That’s the Point

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