Growing Pains Season 3, Episode 11, “Broadway Bound”

Mike is having Ben film him acting, so Mike can take notes from it and make sure to nail his audition for Dewey High’s production of “Picnic.” Monica is also coming over, so they can work on it. Ben asks Mike about this girl and what he should do. She’s the only one in his class that wears a bra. Mike advises Ben to kiss her and not “slug” her as Ben puts it. Ben leaves and Monica shows up. She shows Mike an article from Variety about how a Broadway production of “Our Town” is being done. That was the play they both did together a few episodes ago. Mike suggests they should just forget “Picnic” and try out for “Our Town” on Broadway.

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Monica isn’t as keen on the idea as Mike is. Auditions are the next day, which means they couldn’t audition for “Picnic”, and they’d have to cut school. Mike convinces her though.

Because of his talk with Mike, the next morning, Ben asks Jason if he can like soldiers and girls. Jason replies, “sure,” but he doesn’t really think about what Ben asked till after Ben’s left for school. Mike comes in looking all spiffy.

Jason and Maggie asks if Mike can take Carol to her Gynecologist appointment. We, of course, know he can’t because of the Broadway auditions.

Carol and Mike are driving to school. She asks him why he can’t take her and Mike says he can’t tell her. To get Carol to not say anything about this to Maggie or Jason, Mike brings up the dirty movie Carol rented, with her friends. Having that over her convinces Carol will keep her mouth shut, but she still wants to know why Mike can’t take her. He says that Monica and him are going to try out for a Broadway play in Manhattan, but Carol, knowing her brother, doesn’t believe him.

The principal comes over the intercom calling Mike and Monica to the auditorium. Except it wasn’t the principal, it was Mike pretending to be the principal. Mike tells Monica that when they’re not in class, the teachers we’ll assume that they’re still being punished.

I really don’t see how this plan makes any sense. There is an actual principal. He/she and the other teachers will find out what Mike did eventually.

Then the gym teacher, who once again is putting together the play, comes up to them and says he’s counting on Mike and Monica for “Picnic.”

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This makes Monica feel bad, but Mike once again convinces her they should go.

Mike and Monica are on their way to Manhattan, while working on their stage names and life as a Broadway star, if they get cast.

Mike and Monica are in the building where the auditions are taking place. They get dressed and head into the room, bursting with excitement. They’re considerably less excited once they see all the people also auditioning.

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What did they expect? They knew a ton of people would be auditioning for this. It’s Broadway after all.

Ben comes home from a school with a black eye. He took Mike’s advice. He kissed the girl, who’s the only one to wear a bra, and got punched. Then the gym teacher calls and says Mike didn’t show up to audition. Then Carol comes home and is asked if Mike took her to her appointment. She tries to avoid the question, but that doesn’t work.

Monica gets overwhelmed by everything. Her and Mike are up against professionals. She runs into the bathroom to change so she can go home.

Are you kidding me?! I understand that she’s scared. She says she doesn’t want to lose her dream, which is acting. Her trying out for this part and probably getting rejected would not mean she’s losing it. Actors get rejected from roles all the time.

Mike decides to go into the audition himself.

Back at home, Carol is explaining to Jason and Maggie that Mike cut school to go audition for Broadway.

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They don’t believe her, just as Carol didn’t believe Mike. They try to think why Mike would screw up the audition at school. Then Jason gives Mike the benefit of the doubt and that he actually tried out for Broadway. Regardless, Maggie thinks Mike should be punished for cutting school. Then rewarded, as Jason ads in.

Mike and Monica are driving home. Mike still thinks it was stupid of Monica not to do the audition. She still defends what she did, even though it really doesn’t make a lot of sense. Then Mike sees where she’s coming from and admits they were in over there head.

Mike returns to Dewey High to return the costume he borrowed for his audition. The coach confronts him and he’s upset with Mike. They start to talk. Mike tells the coach about trying out for Broadway. The coach convinces Mike that he shouldn’t give up on acting because of this one time.

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The coach tells the story about how he didn’t try in school and focus on trying to play professional Basebell, but when the scout showed up, the coach choked. He didn’t give up and he tried out a week later, not knowing the scout was there. The coach still sucked. His point is without that he wouldn’t be where he is talking to who he considers the most talented kid he knows.


The coach extends auditions a day (for Mike’s sake), so Mike signs him name on the audition board.

I liked the progression on Mike here. It was a little confusing, but in the end it worked itself out. No one else at school, besides the coach, finding out that Mike wasn’t there was really confusing. Like how would that happen?

And That’s the Point.

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