Season 3, Episode 12, “The Scarlett Letter”

Carol’s friend, Deb, is telling Carol about some dumb party she missed. Carol spent the night with Bobby, instead. Deb goes on about how it was the “greatest party ever!” All because some cute guy asked her to dance. Carol’s other friend,, thought it was the “worst party ever!.” All because this low self esteemed guy,, was the only one who asked her to dance. Carol then gets into her night with Bobby and it sounds pretty steamy, but at first Carol’s pretty skewed on the details. She’s doing a lot of teasing.

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Look, the episode’s called “The Scarlet Letter.” You can see where this is going.

They rode his car up to and proceeded to making out. The gym teacher, who’s also the english teacher, comes in saying they have a pop quiz on The Great Gatsby. Everyone’s screwed. Carol’s ditzy friends ask her what’s the book about, but Carol doesn’t know, because she was with Bobby.

The show once again feels the need to remind us that Jason is a physiatrist.

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Only difference here is he’s having his last appointment with one of his clients. She leaves and Ben’s, who’s watching TV, is told by Jason to go outside. Ben was watching some awful soap opera about this woman who married this guy, only to later realize that she married the guy’s twin brother. Jason starts watching it until Mike comes in, and Jason turns it off. Mike is going on about how he actually applied himself and got a C+.

At least it’s something.

Carol’s in the kitchen freaking out over her grade. Mike comes in and Carol is trying to get his about how to deal with being a failure, because she got an F on the pop quiz. Well, she doesn’t know for sure, but she’s pretty sure. Mike doesn’t believe her at first, but then he comes around. He then puts the cherry on the shit sundae by showing Carol his C+. Carol thinks Maggie and Jason will be hurt by Carol getting an F, while Mike gets a C+, but Mike doesn’t care.

Maggie comes home and Carol sits her and Jason down to talk about the grade. They, at first, think Bobby got pregnant.

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All while Mike is gloating about it.

It’s suppose to be funny but comes off as more annoying until…

Maggie and Jason says 1 bad grade doesn’t matter. The overall grade is all that counts. This really diminishes Mike’s achievement.

After all this, Carol’s probably gonna do fine on this quiz.

The coach hands out the tests and Carol got an A+.

What a waste of my time.

She owes it reading Gatsby in 3rd grade, which she forgot she did. Then she gets this complex that she knows everything. Her ditzy friends aren’t too happy with it.

Jason is at home watching that soap opera. Mike comes in and Jason turns it off, but Mike knew what he was doing. Carol comes home and tells Mike about her grade. At first she makes him think that he really did terrible, but then shows him the A+. Mike takes a look at it and points out that Carol just double talked her whole way through the test. That makes him wonder how much of those others A’s she didn’t earn. Carol even begins questioning herself.

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Carol is looking through all her old grades believing she didn’t earn anyone of them and just double talked her way through them.

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Then Ben comes in thinking Carol was punished, because she didn’t her desert. He also wants the desert. Carol goes into how simple Ben’s life is and how good he’s got it. All Ben cares about is Carol’s desert.

The next day, Jason tries to watch the soap opera, but he stops when he realizes Maggie’s home. He walks into the kitchen, where Maggie’s watching the soap opera. Jason tries to pay attention, without Maggie noticing him, but she knows he likes it. The phone rings and Maggie picks it up. Turns out Carol was caught vandalizing school property.

Yeah, she’s lost it.

Maggie and Jason arrive at school and talk to Coach Lovick. Turns out Carol removed her name from the honor society plaque. She also tried to get her grade changed from an A+ to an F, which really surprises Maggie and Jason, because they thought she failed the quiz.

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Maggie and Jason go into talk to Carol.

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Carol is going on about how she only got those grades because the teachers expect her to be an A+ student, like Mike getting D’s. Jason brings up a good point though, where did Carol being an A+ start. Then Carol says that she’ll just go back to getting her underserved A’s. Jason then says that she should just follow her own advice that grades don’t matter and they just leave school.

Carol is in her room and Mike comes in to talk to her. He says she’s right and grades don’t matter. It just matters who you are as a person. This gets Carol thinking that he’s right and grades shape the kind of person you are. She kisses Mike, on the cheeck, and leaves. Mike is disgusted.

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Jason and Maggie are talking in the kitchen. Jason’s taking credit for getting Carol back on track, by having her take her own advice. Then Ben comes in saying he liked the old Carol better, because she didn’t want her desert.

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One thing about this episode is the interesting parallels Carol’s grades had to “The Scarlett Letter.” At first they were gonna make you think it was something with Bobby.

And That’s The Point

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