Season 3, Episode 13, “A Reason to Live”

The episode starts out with Jason and a patience. Except he’s not just a patient, he’s also another psychiatrist, Dr. Reinhart.

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They’re both giving each other sessions. Jason starts and he’s last week he was feeling a depressed. That’s because one of his patients told him that he failed her, and she’s going to see a new psychiatrist.

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This puts Jason in a bad mood.

The episode is basically “The Scarlett Letter” episode, it’s just Jason instead of Carol.

Jason now thinks that all he’s failing all his patients and he shouldn’t of became a psychiatrist.


Jason goes into the kitchen. Ben’s there also decked out in this futuristic soldier gear. He’s playing a game, around the house, with his friends. Jason is about to start cooking dinner, Baked Beans, which Ben’s really excited.

I don’t know why he’s excited about Jason cooking anything.

Maggie comes home, gives Jason a kiss on and leaves to go into another room. Jason’s frustrated because he can’t talk about him failing his patient with her. Carol and her ditzy friends come home. They gotta look at college brochures. Then Mike, Boner, and Jill (whom we’ve never seen before) come home.

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They have to work on a. Mike, Boner and Gill are gonna work on their art project in the basement. They’re doing a torso study of Boner for art class. Carol and her friends are making quite the commotion about Jill. Turns out she’s a worse version of Mike. She’s failing her classes. She gets into fights with teacher. She’s constantly in the principal’s office.

Jason goes and reads the paper in the living room. Then Jill comes in and makes sure he’s a psychiatrist. Jason confirms it. Then Jill just leaves. Ben’s playing some game, around the house, with his friends, so, to be alone, Jason goes into his office. Maggie’s working in there already.

I just realized that Maggie had barely anything to do in this episode.

Jason’s having trouble finding somewhere to be alone in the house.

How about, I don’t know, going upstairs!

Jason goes into the driveway where he sees Jill smoking.

What’s interesting about this episode is this scene about to take place, between Jill and Jason, is pretty the rest of the episode. Besides two scenes at the end.

Jill has gone through a lot. Her mother killed herself. Her and her dad are very distant. These things have result into what she is now. She did this project with Mike and Boner to get to Jason. Since Mike and Jill both get into trouble a lot, they often see each other. She just wants to be able to approach her getting in trouble with the fun and light hearted attitude Mike has. The big thing is Jill thinks her mom killed herself because of how she, Jill, was. Jason gets her to see another side of it. What if Jill’s mom killing herself was not because of anything Jill did, instead it was because of things that the mom was going through. This really helps Jill.

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We cut back to Jason and Dr. in Jason’s office. This episode was pretty much just a flashback, told by Jason. Dr. Reinhart asks about Jill, and Jason says she’s doing better. Jason then tells the doctor that he has a 2:00 appointment next.

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After the doctor leaves, Jason goes out in the driveway where we see Jill. Turns out she was the 2:00. Jill tells Jason that she took his advice and it’s worked out well. She even wants to bring her dad to her and Jason’s next appointment.

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This episode started really annoying. Even when it got into the Jill stuff, I didn’t really care. Then I got more into it. The sorta change of structure for this episode was interesting.

And That’s the Point.

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