Season 3, Episode 14, “The Marrying Kind”

Carol and Bobby are coming back from the winter formal. They start making out, which is when Mike comes up to them. He’s timing them and claims that we have a new record for how long Bobby and Carol have made out.

I’m sure they’ve done it longer than that.

Carol makes Mike go inside, for being a pig. Then Bobby sits Carol down and tells her he loves her. She says she loves him back. Out of nowhere, Bobby pulls out a ring and proposes to Carol.

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The episode cuts to the theme before we can get a reaction out of Carol.

Bobby explains it wouldn’t be till next year once they graduate. Carol accepts the proposal and we cut to Jason hanging out the window, of his bedroom, with his shaving mirror. Turns out his was spying on them. Maggie thinks there’s no need to, but Jason’s reasoning is because it’s her first winter formal and the dress she’s wearing. Maggie says that Carol really wanted that dress. Suddenly, Carol knocks on the door and comes in asking if they can have Bobby’s parents over for dinner. Maggie and Jason think that’s a good idea. Because of the engagement, they’re having it next Friday.

So, Carol didn’t tell them about the engagement. Yeah, this is gonna blow up in her face.

Carol is showing all the girls her engagement ring. She tells them that she doesn’t want this getting out to anyone, besides them and Bobby.

Of course that doesn’t happen.

Mike tells Carol about the rumor he heard that she’s engaged. He’s shocked to learn that’s it’s true and he’s not in favor of it. He thinks that because Bobby is the first guy Carol’s ever dated. He knows that Maggie and Jason will flip.

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It’s the night of dinner. Carol is making sure the living room looks nice, as well as telling Ben to behave himself. Bobby’s parents arrive and meet Jason and Maggie.

It’s a little bit later and Carol and Bobby are getting their parents some refreshments. This is where she comes up with the idea of telling them about the engagement now, instead of after dinner.

This should be good.

Carol and Bobby tell everyone they’re engaged. Most of the parents start flipping out, except for Bobby’s mother.

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She’s trying to remain calm, because she’s sees that as the best way to deal with situations like this. Mike is just loving this, because it’s exactly like he thought would happen. Mike shows Ben how, when parents are upset at someone else, this is the perfect time to get what you want. Mike asks Maggie if he can go to a mud wrestling event with Boner, and she lets him. Now Mike’s out of the picture. Ben asks if he can eat everyone’s deserts, but he’s denied. All the parents are getting mad at each other. Jason suggests they should calm down and just talk about the situation, so they make Bobby and Carol go into the kitchen. After they go into the kitchen, the parents start blaming each other on how Bobby and Carol got to this point.

In the kitchen, Bobby is reassuring Carol that everything will be alright. Jason and Bobby’s father comes in and makes them go outside.They start talking about the situation. Bobby’s father basically thinks they’re being too quick. Bobby has his football scholarship and Carol has her stuff to. He just thinks everything would work out better if they waited.

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Maggie and Kitty are talking.

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Maggie thinks she should more focus on her schoolwork because she’s smarter, but she tries not to say that directly. Kitty knows what she’s talking about and goes into how with her family brains aren’t that important. Then Jason and Bobby’s dad come in. He asks if everyone’s ready to talk. They are, so Bobby and Carol are called in. Carol brings up two reasons marriage is a good idea. They can share an apartment together, saving money. Also, age-wise, they wouldn’t be very off from their parents when they got married. Jason said she shouldn’t go off what they did. This makes Carol really upset. She says that they said they’d hear Bobby and her out, but they’re not. Bobby’s father and him get into an argument. Bobby’s father says that as long as Bobby is under his roof, Bobby has to abide by his rules. Then Bobby says that he’ll find a new place to live and storms out of the house. Carol’s upset and heads up to their room.

Later that night, Carol’s in her room laying down. Bobby comes through the window saying they should just elope. Carol agrees with the idea and they head outside to Bobby’s car. Then they start thinking, since they want to go to different colleges.

I was wondering when this was gonna come up.

They say they can work through it and continue walking.

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Then Bobby says he can’t wait to have breakfast with Carol every morning. Not that he expects Carol to do all the cooking. They can order out. He brings up chili dogs and pizza, which sparks a comparison Mike was making of why he thinks Bobby and Carol shouldn’t get married yet. They decide they shouldn’t elope. Bobby leaves and Boner drops Mike off. Mike sees Carol crying and comforts her.

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Interesting plot for an episode. Not something you see everyday. Showed the differences between Bobby and Carol’s parents.

And That’s the Point.

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