Season 3, Episode 16 “State of the Union”

Pre-credits: Mike and Ben come into Jason’s room to ask if they can stay up and watch a movie being played on TV.

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Seeing as Jason’s asleep, Mike takes that as a yes. Him and Ben go to watch it when they run into Maggie, who sends them right to bed. Maggie comes into the bedroom and turns out, due to her working late, Jason and Maggie haven’t really gotten a lot of time to talk.

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Oh, it’s one of these type of episodes. These episodes are my favorite (not really).

They go from talking to starting to have sex, when suddenly they’re interrupted by Maggie’s boring news story about, to which they both fall asleep.

The woman Maggie was interviewing looked so excited/nervous that she just said yes to everything.

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They wake up, and Maggie starts rushing once she realizes it’s morning.

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Ben, Mike, and Carol are downstairs getting breakfast for themselves. They find some leftover Anchovy pizza in the fridge, so they eat that.Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 12.11.44 PM

Jason arrives at the office for lunch, but Maggie needs to go to editing, which she says will take her a few minutes. Mr. and the sportscaster, Frank, come out sharing their different opinion about sports players.

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Here’s something. Frank is played by Dennis Haysbert. Now Dennis Haysbert played Officer Wright in two other episodes. Don’t get me wrong, he’s plays both parts well, but why didn’t they just get a different actor?

Jason chimes in saying he likes Dr. J, which gets him and Sid talking.

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The two hit it off and Mr. offers Jason the chance to meet Dr. J, since is interviewing him today. Jason accepts, but this messes up his and Maggie’s lunch plans.

This is what I’m talking about. Now the situation is just reversed and Maggie’s the one feeling left out. I don’t have a lot of sympathy for Maggie. She was treating Jason the same way.

Jason comes back just having met Dr. J. He even got D. J to sign his Lobster bib.

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Jason leaves to go get his bibb framed. Sid calls Maggie into his office. Maggie’s happy because she’ll finally get to talk about her recent news report with him, but turns out he just wanted her to see if Jason was free to go to the Knicks game tonight.

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The kids have to get their own dinner, so Carol’s cooking and she burns everything.

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Maggie wants to talk with Jason, but he doesn’t really have time because he’s going to the game. Sid comes and him and Jason leave for the game.

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Maggie’s in her room and, surprisingly, in comes Jason. They start talking.

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Turns out Maggie’s upset with how much Jason and her boss hit it off. She thinks Jason’s less doing this to just be friendly but more steal his thunder. Jason says he was just being friendly. This then gets Maggie thinking Jason never wanted her to go back to work. Jason reassures her that only a small part (that doesn’t matter) may think that. They then question if they have a problem with their relationship, which they deny. They’re interrupted by a phone call. It’s Maggie’s doctor, telling her she’s pregnant.

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Yey, another irritating kid running around!

A big problem I have with this episode is the ending argument between Maggie and Jason is really unbalanced. Only Maggie’s issues get addressed. Not the whole Jason not getting enough time with her. I guess that sort’ve plays into Maggie thinking he’s stealing her thunder, but it’s not really clear enough.

And That’s the Point.

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