Season 3, Episode 17, “The Mom Who Knew Too Much”

Pre-credits: This episode begins with Ben rudely sucking his cereal and in walks Jason saying that today is the day to do the chores. Mike tries to get out of it by saying he has to take a bunch of orphans out for Burgers. For some reason, Jason doesn’t believe him. Ben brings up how chores would interrupt the schedule he’s worked out for himself, which just includes the leisurely activities he’s picked out for himself. Surprisingly, Ben doesn’t get out of it either. But it’s nice that he took the effort to put it down on a schedule. Mike just came up with a lie on the spot.You know who is getting out of chore day? The only people left in The Seavers’ homestead; Maggie and Carol. They’ve been feeling like strangers around, so they’re gonna have a girls’ day, leaving all the chores to the guys. They claim they forgot, but, as we soon find out, they totally didn’t. Maggie even plays it smart when she goes to cancel her salon appointment, but she gets to go anyway when she tells Jason she’d have to pay anyway, due to how little in advance she’s canceling the appointment.

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Carol and Maggie have done their shopping and now it’s time to go to the salon. Maggie’s hairdresser incidentally flirts with Maggie, which really shocks Carol.

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This gets going into others instances of men incidentally flirting with Maggie. They’re talking very openly, at this point.

But trust me, this show’s no Gilmore Girls.

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There was this one instance when one of their male friends tried to kiss her, but then he soon apologized. Now it’s Carol’s time. She tells Maggie that one night when she went over to spend the night at Debby’s, they actually ended up going into Manhattan. Lying about her age, since they needed to be 21 to get into this club. Maggie keeps her cool, but she’s totally losing it. Maggie promises to Carol that she won’t tell Jason.

Carol really shouldn’t of told her that

Jason, Ben, and Mike haven’t done any cleaning. Instead they were just eating Pizza and watching sports, bonding. This makes it okay, because this is exactly how Carol and Maggie got out of it. Maggie and Carol return, with new styles.

Both their hair styles look good.

Carol goes upstairs, while Maggie pulls Jason into his office, saying he needs to talk to him about something. Ben thinks it’s about Mike, which is a running gag throughout this episode.

I gotta say, I love Ben and Mike in this episode. They really don’t have much to do in this episode and are just innocent bystanders to everything going on.

Maggie tells Jason and he’s mad. Carol comes in and asks if she can sleep over at house tonight. Then, with repeated efforts from Maggie to stop him, Jason blurts out that he knows about Manhattan, and Carol, as expected, gets mad at Maggie.

At least Carol admits that she shouldn’t of told her Maggie this.

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Carol goes up into her room. Maggie is frustrated at Jason for how he handled the situation and goes into the kitchen.

Meanwhile, Ben still thinks that Mike’s behind this.

While making dinner, Maggie and Jason are arguing in the kitchen. Maggie said she told Jason not to tell Carol and that he just took the entirely wrong approach to this.

It cuts to dinner and it’s really awkward. Maggie and Jason make Ben and Mike leave, so they can talk to Carol. Maggie starts to defend her telling Jason. She had to do because she’s her mom and Jason’s her father and Maggie’s husband. They have to talk about things like this. Carol still doesn’t get it though.

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Jason goes into Carol’s room to talk with Carol. He’s trying to better explain why Maggie told him, but he’s not getting anywhere. He keels over and tells Carol there’s a chance he’s developing an ulcer.

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This is all a lie to get Carol to understand. Jason has creative ways of getting his points across.

He tells Carol he didn’t tell anyone, because he didn’t want to worry them.

Carol rushes to tell Maggie about the ulcer.

It’s working.

Maggie apologizes about telling Jason, but Carol says she doesn’t care about that, and she tells Maggie about the ulcer.

Maggie rushes into Jason’s office. Jason lets Carol in and explained he faked the whole thing. He brings up to Carol how could she tell Maggie about something only they were suppose to know. Not only Carol, but Maggie finally gets it too. Jason leaves and Carol and Maggie both apologize to each other. Carol brings up how it’s a shame they won’t be able to ever talk like that. Maggie, on the other hand, thinks they will. Maybe not in college or when Carol gets her first apartment, but years down the line when Carol is married and has children. Carol will come up for Christmas and they’ll be able to talk like that again.

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And That’s the Point.

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