Season 3, Episode 18, “Great Expectations”

Mike, Ben, and Carol are in the driveway shoveling snow. They’re all complaining about it… well except for Carol. She’s the only in favor of not just letting the snow melt. Then Mike decides uses his shovel to fling snow at Carol. Next thing I know everyone’s throwing snow at each other. The mail lady comes up and, to get their attention, throws a snowball at Mike. She has Mike sign for a package of Pineapples. Turns out they’re from Melia.

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If you don’t remember, she was the woman Mike met and spent a lot of time with on their trip to Maui.

Mike’s reading Melia’s letter in his room.

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In the letter she explains that’ll she’ll be in Los Angeles next week for a tour guide convention. It then cuts to flashbacks of them.

In case you forgot who she was or missed those episodes.

We then cut to a new scene we never saw from the Hawaii episodes. The scene’s of Mike and Melia’s last night together. She gives him a necklace that considers a good luck charm, but she says she wants it back the next time they see each other.

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Mike’s checking for flights to LA.

I can’t wait to see how this turns out.

Carol comes in after her curfew. Just to mess with her, Mike pretends he’s Jason. Carol actually believes him until Mike reviews it’s him. She makes sure Mike’s not gonna tell Jason and Maggie, and then she hears Mike on the phone trying to get a flight to LA to see Melia. What’s kinda surprising is she’s all for it, even lending Mike the money for the ticket. She supports it, because of how romantic it is.

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The next morning, Mike’s buttering up Jason and Maggie by getting their coffee for them. He says that this trip to LA would allow him to see a lot of colleges, like UCLA and USC.

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Neither of those he’d even be able to get into.

Jason isn’t buying this and knows it has to do with Melia. He’s not on board but Maggie is. She knows how much Mike likes Melia. Well she is on board until she realizes that he’d be spending two days alone with her.

Mike’s decided he’s going to sneak out and go to LA, without his parent’s permission.

Would they really not expect him to do this.

Carol’s gonna help him come up with a cover. She’s really gonna get off the thrill of lying to her parents.

It’s later that night and turns out Ben’s in on it too, bringing Mike’s suitcase out in a garbage bag.

I guess that’s a way to hide it while in the house, but I really don’t know why he did that.

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Mike leaves in a taxi then Jason comes out to put the trash out. He asks where Mike is, and they say he’s in his room.

The next morning, Carol, in front of Maggie, is pretending to talk to Mike through the Bathroom door.

What they all came up with to fool Ben and Maggie is pretty clever.

Ben’s actually in the bathroom, using a tape player, playing various responses Mike recorded. They run into a little bit of a stump when Maggie, because of the response Ben chose to use, thinks Mike’s coming downstairs.

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Ben and Carol are eating breakfast. Suddenly the phone rings and it’s Mike.

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Carol and Ben try to get it so it seems like Mike’s going over to Boner, but they can’t because Jason tells Mike, who’s waiting for his flight in Denver, to do his chores and shovel the snow.

Mike’s on the plane. He clinches onto his the lucky charm Melia gave him. He then daydreams of him and Melia seeing each other being all happy at the airport.

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We cut back to the Seaver household and Boner’s pretending to be Mike shoveling snow. He wears a face mask, so Maggie and Jason have a harder time noticing.

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So far, it’s working.

Mike’s in LA and sees Melia. She’s excited to see Mike, but at the same time says he should’ve called. She’s in LA for the tour guide convection, thus not having a lot of time for Mike. She says she can get an extra ticket to this banquet she’s going to tomorrow, but he says it’s okay and heads back to the flight home.

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Jason and Maggie are trying to find Mike for dinner. Carol lies and says he went to Boner’s. Boner walks in. Ben and Carol tell him to go. He just came back to give back Mike’s clothe. They put Boner in the closet, so one of the parents doesn’t see him. Then, much to Carol and Ben’s surprise, Mike walks in.

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For a minute I can’t believe they got away with it, but then Carol asks if he’s hungry or if he ate the plane?

Whoops. Everyone’s grounded. The ironic part is Carol was worried Ben was gonna spill the beans the entire time. Way to go Carol.

Mike’s in his room and in comes Jason. Jason brings up how he too was rejected by this girl he went all the way to Europe to see.

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I don’t really see how Mike was rejected. She had responsibilities she needed to do. He should’ve remembered that from the letter.

Mike asks why men do stuff like that and Jason basically just says they’re breed to.

End scene: Jason lays down on the couch having a hard believing how many kids he’s grounded tonight. Maggie’s just glad it’s over and they know everything… well almost everything. Maggie opens the closet to put a coat away and sees Boner, who’s been waiting in the closet all this time.

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And That’s the Point

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