Season 3, Episode 19, “Dance Fever: Part 1”

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Before heading to The Dewey High Dance, The Seavers, along with Boner, are chowing down on some of Jason’s fish sticks.

Knowing how wonderful of a cook Jason is, that sounds gross.

It apparently is gross as Boner’s the only one that wants thirds let alone seconds.

So here’s what’s going down, Jason and Maggie are chaperoning the dance, while Ben is spending the night at Stinky Sullivan’s house. Carol’s friends, Shelley and Debbie, come over, and they all head into the living room. Just as Jason and Maggie leave to drop Ben off, Mike’s other friend Eddie comes over. He tries to butter up Jason and Maggie, so they won’t chaperone the dance.

It doesn’t work.

Eddie tries to convince Mike that they should just blow off the dance. Mike doesn’t want to, because he thinks, if he doesn’t go, something incredible will happen and he’ll miss it.

We cut to Carol and her friends talking in the living room. This is where we find out Carol and Bobby broke up.

No, they were so good together. Don’t tell me they broke up over the whole marriage thing. What bugs me is that we didn’t even see them broke up. Makes me think the writers didn’t want to come up with a reason why they broke up.

Eddie, Mike, and Boner come in. Mike asks if Boner could go with Carol and her friends, since Eddie’s car doesn’t have enough room. They just laugh and tell him he can only come if he sits in the trunk, which Boner takes as a serious response.

Jason and Maggie drop Ben off, but Ben and Stinky have different plans. Stinky told his parents he’s sleeping over at Ben’s, while Maggie and Jason, of course, think Ben’s sleeping over at Stinky’s. We’re not sure, however, where and what this plan consists of.

Honestly, these parts are the most entertaining of the episode. This episode’s pretty boring until the end.

Maggie and Jason arrive at the dance, and Maggie begins reflecting back on a lame DJ she had for one of her dances. Just as she’s describing him, the same DJ walks out from behind the curtain asking where he can plug in the cords for his music. Someone who works there tells them he can do it in the back and also tells Maggie and Jason that they’re the only chaperones. The custodian tells them not to worry because not a lot happens at these dances.

Foreshadowing much.

The Dance has started and it’s dead. Eddie’s keep bringing up to Mike how he (Mike) said something big’s gonna happen.

In due time, Eddie.

Then the DJ comes over and starts doing that thing where he takes someone’s name and makes a song out of it. He uses Boner’s and Mike’s names.

Ben and Stinky are making their way to… well wherever they’re going. They’re getting scared, but then they are stopped by Mr. Cuizman who says they shouldn’t be out this late so far from their house and drives them back to The Sullivans’.

Maggie and Jason are doing their part as chaperones. Jason breaks up these two people making out behind the plant.

We get back to the dance and Carol and her friends are about to leave. This nerd, Robby Rothamn, comes over to Carol and asks her to dance. She’s about to accept as her friends say she’s already taken. They didn’t want her to dance with him because she’ll make a fool out of herself. Then some attractive cool guys walk by them, but those guys are already taken.

Mike, Eddie, and Boner are about to split, but then Mike sees a girl by the name of Lydia Shayne.

Ben and Stinky get dropped off. They then get a ride on the bus, with Ben claiming to know all the spots. Turns out he did because around 20 minutes later they get dropped off at the Sullivan house, because Ben didn’t know any of the other stops the bus made.

How do the Sullivans not hear any of this?

They decide to go where they’re going by bike.

We’re back at the dance. In the bathroom, Mike is explaining to Boner how he has to take a shot at Lydia, since the waiting period since she broke up with her last boyfriend, Butch, is up.

We cut to the girl’s bathroom. Debbie is explaining to Carol, who doesn’t get why her and Robby shouldn’t have dance, why she shouldn’t just dance with any guy.

Jason wants to dance, but Maggie doesn’t think he should because they have to watch over the kids.

Mike’s about to go ask Lydia to dance, but then the DJ says it’s girls choice. Hearing that, Mike turns the other way.

Carol’s walking around and walks into Boner dancing. They ask each other why the other isn’t dancing with someone. Neither has an answer. Then they slowly start dancing with each other.

Rita, who Eddie pointed out earlier, come over and sees that they’re aren’t dancing with anyone. Then Lydia signals Mike over. He dances with her and Eddie dances with Rita.

We cut back to Boner and Carol, and they’re enjoying each other’s company.

Maggie asks Jason if he wants to dance, so they go do it behind the curtain of the stage. Then the DJ throws his back out, so Jason takes him backstage to look at it and Maggie takes as DJ.

Maggie taking over as DJ starts out a little rocky at first, but then she gets the hang of it.

Mike and Eddie are telling each other how well it’s going. Boner comes over and says he was dancing with Carol. He comes up with the reason that he felt sorry for her. This creeps Mike out, so Mike tells him to stop doing. Boner doesn’t stand up for himself and just complies.

Carol told her friends she was dancing with Boner, and they tell her that isn’t okay. Her response is that she felt sorry for him.

This episode actually just got interesting.

Mike decides to go over and talk to Lydia, but it turns out she has a really weird voice. For now he just sticks to the dancing. Carol and Boner, separately, got get some popcorn. Then they run into each other. The episode ends with them just staring at each other, not sure what to do.

To be continued in part 2…

This episode started out pretty boring, but it got interesting with the whole Carol/Boner situation by the end. I’m intrigued to see what happens next time.

And That’s the Point.

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