Season 3, Episode 20, “Dance Fever”

We get a nearly two and a half minute recap of the events of last week, by Ben.

Doing it this way definitely adds more personality to the “previously on,” but it goes on way too long. Nothing (at least interesting) even happened till the end of the episode. Wait, why am I ever complaining? That means less episode, which is a good thing.

The actual episode finally starts, and we open to Maggie DJing.

Surprising (according to the crowd), she’s actually pretty successful.

Carol and her friends aren’t having any one ask them to dance. and the former DJ is being carried away on a gurney,

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but everyone else is having a good time. Mike and Lydia are dancing. So are Eddie and Rita, but Rita has her eyes on Mike, instead. Some guy asks Carol to dance. She’s about to say yes, but then sees Debbie and Shelley. Debbie is giving a thumbs down, while Shelley is giving a thumbs. Carol tells the guy, “I’m not sure,” and he leaves looking mortified. Boner asks some girls to dance, but they just laugh him off. Jason comes up to Maggie telling her he can take over, but she assures him she’s fine. Then tells him his radio show in college sucked. Lydia starts singing the lyrics and her weird voice comes into focus again.

Carol wants to just go home. Then Shelley comments on how Debbie’s perfume smells like Fish. It’s not Debbie’s perfume. Carol’s actually the cause of the smell. She smells like Fish Sticks and Mints from dancing with Boner. Another reason her friends say she shouldn’t dance with Boner.

Ben and Snincky finally make it to Blackie’s. Turns out they came her to gamble with money on a machine.

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They order two coffees and slices of pie. They ask where Blackie is, who will show them how the machine works. Turns out Blackie’s dead. Then walks in the janitor from the dance.

Mike pulls Lydia outside to “talk” with her. Following that, Carol and Boner share an awkward exchange. They clearly want to dance with each other, but they’re scared of what others will think.

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Maggie’s successful run as a DJ begins to dwindle as she skips a record. If you don’t know what that means, she messed it up and it plays the same sound over and over again.

We cut back to Ben and Snicky.

I just thought about this. Where do Snicky and Ben exactly plan on spending the night? Their plan was to tell their parents that they were sleeping at each other’s houses.

Since the janitor comes in regularly, Ben asks him about how the machine works. Ben then lets it slip that his parents don’t know that he’s at Blackie’s, and they’re off chaperoning the Dewey High Dance. The janitor then says that he just came from there.

Busted! Well the whole spending the night thing doesn’t really matter now.

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Jason, once again, tries to take over DJing from Maggie.

Put your male ego away!

Carol comes over and wants to talk to Maggie. Maggie, not really listening to Carol, goes on a rant of how Jason’s trying to take over as DJ. Turns out this coincides with Carol’s problems, so Carol thanks her and leaves.

Mike and Lydia are outside. Every time Lydia talks, Mike shushes and kisses her. They really get making out and Mike admits that things are going to fast. He thinks and Lydia should leave it at this for now and pick up later, which Lydia is okay with.

Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 9.19.21 PM

Jason comes into the bathroom and there’s smoke everywhere, because the teenagers were smoking.

I don’t know why they don’t make a bigger deal out of this.

Boner comes up to him and they talk pretty much about the same thing Carol was talking about with Maggie. Jason tells him not to let Mike and Eddie influence a decision on who he should or shouldn’t dance with. Before leaving Boner lets it slip that the girl in question is Carol, which really surprises Jason.

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Mike and Eddie run into each other. Mike tells Eddie all the problems with Lydia. Eddie claims to be so in love with Lydia, but he suddenly doesn’t really feel it anymore. He goes for Lydia.

Ben shows up. After explaining what happened, Maggie and Jason make him sit down where they were DJing. Ben starts DJ and he’s the best one they’ve had all night. Boner and Carol find each other after they’ve been looking for each other. They forget what everyone else thinks and starts dancing with each other.

Mike is sitting down and Lydia comes up to him. She confesses that she’s had a crush on him since 5th grade and they start dancing. Mike’s cool with Boner and Carol dancing. Debbie and Shelley just decide to dance with each other. Pretty much everyone’s dancing with who they want to and having a great time.

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End scene: Jason and Maggie are making out in the back where Mike and Lydia made out earlier. They say no one can disturb them now. Then the Janitor jokingly tells them to stop doing what they’re doing.

There’s really not much point to that scene. It just would’ve been better to end the episode with the dance.
This episode definitely worked better as the 2nd part than the first. Most of it’s kinda boring. I had to watch parts of the episode multiple times because it kept jelling together in my brain. The episode goes in some interesting directions like how Mike and Eddie switch girls. I hope Rita stays on a stable love interest for Mike.

And That’s the Point.

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