Season 3, Episode 21, “Bringing Up Baby”

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Maggie has a dream where she’s not pregnant. Even though, in reality, she’s been pregnant for 4 months. Dream Jason points this out once she’s gotten out of the shower and she’s back to her skinny self. Also, in the dream, their lives are part of a television show. When Maggie tells Jason he must’ve dreamt the whole pregnancy thing. Jason says that only happens in BAD television shows.

He has to put emphasis on the bad part because, in this scenario, his life’s already a television show. Even though a bad TV show is what I thought I’ve been watching this whole time.

Maggie awakes from the dream to find that she’s still pregnant, and a reassuring Jason that it was all just a dream. There’s also another joke that everything being a dream only happens in bad TV shows.

Even though there’s been better TV shows than Growing Pains where stuff has been dreams.

Maggie’s getting dressed and Jason’s telling her how he thinks that her dream came from her having mixed emotions about being pregnant. She says it’s not that, but it turns out she hasn’t even told her boss that she’s pregnant. Maggie assures Jason that she’ll do it today, just so long as she sees him.

Ben, Mike, and Carol have the day off due to teacher conferences. Carol brings into the kitchen what Mike thinks are school books, but they’re actually girl names for the baby. Even though Mike is confident that it’ll be a boy.

I’m surprised they never showed Jason and Maggie tell them that Maggie’s pregnant in any of the episodes. I honestly thought they didn’t know until this scene happened.

Ben’s worried with the impending arrival of the baby, because he won’t be seen as the baby anymore. Suddenly, in comes Jason and Maggie. Right before Maggie leaves, Jason reminds her to tell her boss about the pregnancy. This is where mid swings kick in with her reply being, “you want it written in blood.” Jason tells the kids that she’s just going through a lot which gives Carol the idea to paint the nursery and get it looking good for the baby. Ben and Mike aren’t into the idea at first, but they come around.

Jason’s measuring the length from the guestroom (where they’re thinking about putting the nursery) and his and Maggie’s bedroom. It’s too far, so it seems like one of the kids will have to give up their room to the baby. Carol says it should be whatever is best for the baby. With that outlook, Mike says she should give up her room. Just as he brings up that, there’s someone at the phone for Carol, so she goes to answer that. Mike then convinces Ben to give up his room for the baby. Jason will then be so impressed with Ben that he’ll give Ben Carol’s room. That’s exactly what Ben does, but instead of getting Carol’s room, Ben gets the guest room.

Maggie is at work and goes in to tell her boss the news. He’s on the phone with another pregnant woman that’s telling him she wants to take time off for the baby. Maggie’s about to tell him when he announces that woman (who he was just on the phone with) won’t be working there anymore. In response, Maggie chickens out.

Ben is still pissed at Mike for tricking him. This is when Carol walks in and hears the full thing. Jason comes in and tells them all to shut the hell up, so Maggie can see the room. She likes it but starts crying because of everything with her boss.

Jason and Maggie are talking in the bedroom. He assures her that everything will be alright with her boss and that she shouldn’t be afraid to tell him. Mike and Carol come in calling a family meeting.

They’re all in the living room talking. The kids don’t like all the changes the baby is making. They’re asking what’s in it for them. Maggie tells them the miracle of another life coming into their life. They’re getting mad at the baby just as they do with each other. Deep down though, they all love each other.

End scene: Maggie finally gets the courage to call her boss. She calls him, but it turns out she has the wrong number and just said all this to a random person.

And That’s the Point.

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