Season 3, Episode 24, “How the West Won: Part 1”

Once again we have a two-parter. That’s not a bag thing. It just seems like that’s all we’ve been getting. The Best part is that it’s not another clip-show. If it was, I’d cry.

Just a precaution, this episode is pretty boring for the first half. Then it gets better.

Jason, just having gotten done with the laundry, goes into the kitchen. Ben comes home from school and tells him that his teacher called him in during researched and reamed him for being truculent. At first Jason cares, but that soons get put to the wasteside. Maggie comes home and her pager soons beeps. It’s work related so she picks up the phone and turns out there’s some kind of protest going down at Dewey High. Mike and Carol are about to be arrested.

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At first this sounds really cool until you find out that’s just because of a protest going on.

Maggie and Jason get to the school and Maggie meets her camera crew. They’re all covering the story, but the crew doesn’t know Carol and Mike are Maggie and Jason’s kids. We don’t exactly know why Mike and Carol heading up this protest.

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All we’re really hearing, until Jason and Maggie communicate with them, is everyone shouting, “Heck no he will go.” We hear that over and over again. By the end it started to make my ears bleed.

Mike gets into how this all happened. He tells a BS story of how Coach Lubbock called on him in class and he actually gave a good answer to the question.

What actually happened was Boner and Mike didn’t do their HW the night before, so Lubbock is making them stay after and do it. Lubbock leaves to talk to Principal DeWitt and Mike tries to get a well graded paper to cheat off of. Then he finds Lubbock’s resume, which says he’s married. This really surprises and then Lubbock’s daughters come in, one after another, looking for their dad.

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Mike wants to find out more of Lubbock’s “secret” life, so he goes into the main office. He tells the principal’s secretary, Ms. Gillcutie that the teacher covering detention is hiding under his desk again, so she goes and deals with that. Mike finds Lubbock.

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He’s about to leave just as Lubbock and the Principal leave his office. Mike hides behind the desk and escapes once it’s clear.

Mike and Boner drive to Lubbock’s apartment and get to his window, to listen in, by the fire escape. Turns out Mr. Lubbock’s daughter needs braces, but they can’t afford it.

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Then Mike and Boner hear that Lubbock’s being let go. This episode actually just got interesting. It was pretty boring till that point. Mike and Boner leave, but they stop as Lubbock goes out on the fire escape. He starts crying which really gets to Mike.

Back at home, Mike tells Carol, who he catches exercising to a workout video, about what he saw.

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Carol (understandably) thinks he has an alternative motive. Carol actually decides to help Mike when she realizes that he’s serious. Coach Lubbock has done a lot for Mike and he wants to give back to him.

Carol, Mike, and Boner get 300 signatures from students who want Lubbock to stay. Mike then goes to the principal’s office to talk with him. He asks why Lubbock is being fired. Principal DeWitt says it’s because of a shortage of funds. Mike shows him the signatures, but the principal says he isn’t paid to be a good teacher. He’s paid to win football games. There the principle basically says that the opinion of the students don’t matter. Mike keeps going and the principal tells Mike not to play mind games on him. Mike replies with how would he even be able to do that since he (the Principal) doesn’t have a mind, according to Mike. Even Mike there admits he went too far.

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So that’s how they got to this point. Carol had the idea of sit-in. Jason joins them because he sees how passionate they’re about it. Then the cops come in and Maggie has to start reporting. Everyone gives up because they don’t want to be arrested, except for Mike. He gets everyone back to partake in the sit-in. Then the cops arrest everyone in the sit-in, which is an awesome scene.

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We then get a shot of the police station that doesn’t look very convincing with To Be Continued… on the screen.

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Ben really got the short end of the stick in this episode. He’ll probably be in the next one more. They showed him in the promo for the next one.

That episode started out pretty boring, but then it got better. I still wish the cops were there for a different reason, but they got something with this.

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