Growing Pains: Season 4, Ep. 3 Family Ties, Part 1

This week on Growing Pains, Mike moves out, but it’s not exactly what you think.

As indicated from the title, this is a two-parter. The title is also the title of another 80s family sitcom, Family Ties. A much better show I may add. Because of how this episode is a two-parter, it’s a bit hard to judge, which I’ll explain why.

The actual episode starts and it’s 3:00 AM. Maggie and Jason are up worried sick about Mike, who hasn’t come home. Mike comes home and acts like it’s no big deal. After his classes, he and some friends went to Lake Placid. He did have an afternoon class, Economics, but he dropped that. He also dropped Sociology too. Mike’s off to a great start at college. They ground Mike and Mike doesn’t see that as fair. He’s now in college and believes he deserves more freedom. I’m two ways on this. While he is in college and you get more freedom in college, he’s still living under his parents’ roof. This is what I’m talking about. This would’ve been the perfect way to set up the plot for part 2. Then they could’ve just made this one episode but no. They just basically lollygag for the rest of this episode.
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Now Mike’s plan is to move out later that day. He’s going to live in his car, except this is only part of his plan. As he explains to Ben, while Ben is saying goodbye, his plan is to get Maggie to feel really bad for him. Then she’ll get Jason to get Mike back in the house.
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This coincides with Jason’s plan. He’s talking with Maggie. Jason knows Mike is bluffing. Mike doesn’t actually want to leave and Jason doesn’t want him to leave either. Mike leaves and moves into his car.

Mike’s freezing and hungry in his car. Carol comes out and gives him to frozen meals of Lasagna that he can eat up. Turns out Carol has an alternative motive here. She wants Mike to win, so she can have the freedom he has when she turns 18.
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We cut back to Maggie and Jason in the living room. On TV, the weatherman says there’s gonna be a big snowfall. Jason gets excited because it’ll make Mike more miserable. Because of that reaction, Maggie goes upstairs because she’s pissed with Jason. Jason makes up some bullshit excuse of the farmers needing water that’ll come from the snow. Surprisingly, she doesn’t buy it and heads upstairs.

The snow has really come down and Maggie comes outside to see if Mike wants any food, which he says he doesn’t. He has a blanket wrapped around him because it’s really cold. Then Maggie lets Mike know that there’s a space heater in the garage, indicating she wants him to stay in there.
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Maggie heads back up to the bedroom. By the snow in her her, Jason knows she was outside to talk to Mike.
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Jason goes outside to talk to Mike. He sees that Mike has moved into the room above the garage. He goes up there and can’t believe he was actually worried about Mike. He thought he was cold and hungry, because the Pizza guy just showed up. Maggie paid for it. Jason takes the Pizza and Mike inside.
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Jason, Mike, and Maggie are talking in the living room. Carol also tries to defend Mike, but Jason can tell she’s just doing it for her in the future. Jason admits he never wanted Mike to move out as much as Mike didn’t want to move out. Maggie gets both Jason and Mike to concede a point. Jason says it’s not fair for a college student to be grounded and he should have more leiway. Mike admits that he should let them know when he’ll be home late and let them know when he’s going to drop a class. They seem to come to understanding, but then they start getting into another argument. Jason says he’d expect a stranger to pay rent, if he moved in. Then Mike says a stranger wouldn’t have to abide by Jason’s rules. That gives Maggie idea of Mike living in the garage and paying rent.
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He’ll fix it up and make it more of a room. He has to pay 50$ a month. Plus he gets meal privelleges as long as he’s on time. He’ll have to do dishes twice a week too. The room is off limits to parents and girls. That seems kinda weird, since Mike’s paying for it. Tenants in apartments get to bring girl’s home. It’s a different situation though. They both agree to this and we have our plot to the next episode.
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This episode was okay. The whole idea of Mike being a tenant and paying rent is interesting, but it takes so long to get there. They could’ve had that plot in a couple of scenes. Thus maybe making this being a two-parter pointless. I’m interested to see where this is headed though.

And That’s the Point

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